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An Open Letter to the Users of

An Open Letter to the Users of

Dear users:

Many of you have contacted us regarding the recent inappropriate behavior of several site members. Let me begin by assuring you I share your pain. We have tried on numerous occasions to permanently ban or otherwise discourage inflammatory posts which serve no real purpose except to antagonize and hurt. Our efforts have not been as successful as we would hope – rather new incarnations of these bullies keep appearing. We are sorry that our site users have had to deal with these postings.

The internet is an electronic neighborhood. Like your physical neighborhood, you cannot control who becomes your neighbor. You can move away, you can ignore them, or you can try to shout them down, but, in the end, if they are going to insist on being your neighbor, you simply have to live with them as best you can. Tall fences, thick hedges and sound insulation go a long way to insuring peace in a physical neighborhood. What we need are the digital equivalent of these tall fences and thick hedges.

Effective immediately, we are implementing the following procedure. This will enable us to end inappropriate dialog before it goes far and to clear it off more expeditiously. We are also going to deal more directly with those who participate in inappropriate dialog, as instigator OR responder.

If you see an inappropriate posting OR response to a posting:
1. Respond to the offensive post with the following, in caps as it is shown: INAPPROPRIATE POSTING. DO NOT RESPOND. This will alert readers before we have a chance to remove the post that it is an inappropriate one.

2. Copy the link to the post from the address bar and

3. Click on the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page, choose “General Question” from the drop down box and insert the link to the inappropriate post in the message section.

4. Click “send” and we will see that the thread is removed as soon as possible.

Anyone posting inappropriately will be permanently banned. We are updating our software later this year with the capability to take the ban to the IP address level. This is not fool-proof, but it does make circumventing a ban much more difficult. Anyone banned before the update will remain banned afterward. There will be NO reinstatement for those banned for inappropriate posting. Once we have the wherewithal to track IP addresses, those attempting to circumvent the ban will be subject to lawsuit.

Anyone posting a RESPONSE TO THE CONTENT of an inappropriate posting will similarly be banned for encouraging the misbehavior. You may be reinstated at our discretion from this ban subsequent to a formal request if we believe you will not respond to the content of an inappropriate posting again. A second offense will be met with a permanent ban. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into an inappropriate dialog. To irritate us all, they need your help. Don’t give it to them!

This site is intended for adults who can behave and comport themselves appropriately. Those who are unable to maintain proper civil decorum will be banned. Please do us all a favor and take your issues to another forum. These are for grown-ups.

Thomas A. Morrow
Chairman & CEO
Home School Holdings, Inc.

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