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HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

We have a huge high efficiency washer, so that cuts down on loads, because A LOT fits in one washer load.

I have three tall laundry hampers in my laundry room - - one for colored clothes, one for white/very light clothes, and one for bedding and towels. (There's a small plastic basket on top of my washer for delicate items that need the delicate or handwash cycle.)

I do a load of either colored or whites daily, and if need be, a load of delicates or bedding/towels or some random item like throw rugs, bathroom rugs, curtains, etc.

I also have the huge high efficiency dryer, so the loads can all dry in there (except delicates or throw rugs, etc. that go on a large wooden drying rack in my partially finished basement where the furnace and wood stove are, so they dry things really well; and I can turn on a fan in summer to circulate air if it's extra humid).

I take things out of the dryer, dump them on my bed and sort them into separate baskets, and give everyone their own basket to fold and put away. (They're teens now and can do that. Back when they were younger, I folded them, also, and they put them away only; and when they were tiny and little, I even put them away, of course.) :o) The sorting and folding time is my own quiet time to listen to a book on CD! I love it. :o)

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

Since we have such a large family, we have to do laundry every day, especially since we live on the farm. We couldn’t go more than a couple or three days anyway bc each dc has only a certain number of clothings...and eta that they sometimes HAVE to change midday. We have a family/laundry closet for most of our clothes,excluding dress clothes. It is 6x13 room with shelves on one side and hanging rod beside machines. We gather all things to be washed in the morning. Sort. We switch laundry throughout day.
Then in afternoon and at cleanup times someone is assigned to help with laundry. And I work every day in there usually. We have each dc play clothes baskets, spaces for folded jeans, baskets for socks, underwear, shorts, spaces for folded towels, and kitchen items, etc. all stored on these shelves. We simply sort from the clean basket to appropriate places. We hang all shirts (except for the younger kids who have baskets on shelves) and sort the shirts according to person on rods. Linens are delivered to upstairs closet or put back on bed.
That’s the gist! By night, it’s beginning to pile up again.😜

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re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

When the dc were home, there were four of us: Mr. Ellie, dd1, dd2, and me.

For many, many years I did an average of three loads each week:
one load of Mr. Ellie's and my clothing
one load of dc's clothing
one load of towels and whatnot
Sadly, it took me a long time to get it together to do sheets weekly, lol.

I did laundry once a week, on Fridays, all washed, dried, folded, put away.

Now I do four loads:
On Wednesdays:
1. All white stuff--undies, wash cloths (I only use white wash cloths), dish cloths (ditto), dish towels, hand towels, anything white. It all goes in together with a non-chlorine bleach to soak for about half an hour.
2. All our other clothing
3. Bath towels, hand towels, microfiber cloths, etc.
On Thursdays:
4. All sheets, which in our house are white, and they also get pre-soaked with a non-chlorine bleach.

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

When my grown ones were younger, I did it this way:

Announcement to all: "Put your (dark clothes, white clothes, sheets, or towels) in the washer."

Upon coming out of the dryer:

"Come and get your clothes." And they would get their own stuff out of the pile (as well as kitchen towels, wash cloths, etc.) and put it away. So I would just have my husband's and my clothes to put away.

My children got super fast at this, so it all got done pretty quickly and easily.

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

Only DH and I home now. Super easy.

I do it Wed and Saturday. Usually two loads each time (every other week I do sheets). Hang most stuff outside on the line to dry. Done. I must say that I just throw stuff in and put it on cold/cold. Only exception is when I bleach the white on occasion. When dh does it, there are more loads as he divides up into whites, colors and darks.

When kids were home (and when they come home from school now). They do their own. They generally stay out of the laundry room W and Sat.! The problem I have with them is that they do super small loads because it is free to do laundry in 2 of their 3 dorms!

When dh were really little...I honestly don't remember. But it was never overwhelming. I don't mind doing laundry...the kitchen and dishwasher on the other hand. UGH!

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

It gets done better with a second washer.

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

Thanks everyone! I'm trying to figure a workable way for getting our laundry done smoothly... very little room in the house, and usually up to a dozen people, so it's VERY challenging, especially in winter months, like right now. But you all have given me some ideas. Thanks so much! Keep them coming, if you have any more! :)

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

We are a household of 12 right now.

We have 2 washers and 2 dryers. Plus a clothesline.

5 consistently do their own laundry.

I often snag the nearest child, "Hey, (name), please switch the laundry, will ya?!" And they do.

Dh does a lot of loads. (He likes to hang it out. I don't.)

I do all the folding. I sort it age order on the table for the correct children to come by and grab to put away.

Laundry often sits unfolded in baskets until I get around to it. Unfortunately the place it lands after washer/dryer is the kitchen.

I often fold it with a video playing on my little player on the kitchen table.


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