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HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

I'm serious. How do you do it?
It seems IMPOSSIBLE to keep up!

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

I don't :P and there are only 4 of us lol

Looking forward to hearing some creative laundry ideas ;)

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

The kids have done their own from the time they were tall enough to reach the dials. :)

I only do 3 loads a week - my clothes, dh's clothes, our sheets/towels.

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

OK. It's not perfect, but it did make it easier on the family. We are now readjusting to the new dynamic, though, so it's changing. :)

My children all started doing their own wash about 9 or 10. We have 4 dc and each had their own day. #1 was Mon, #2 was Tues, #3 was Wed, and #4 was Thurs. H usually did his on Sunday as it included his work clothes. I would fit mine in around the rest and Fri and Sat were left for those other things and/or mine.

On that particular day, said person had first "dibs" on the machines. If they waited until later in the day to do it, then that was fine. They could fit it around their schedule. If they missed their day, then they had to fit it in around the others, but they had to simply wait and work around that person.

Now that the older 2 are done with HS and are working, plus taking a class or two at CC, it's put a bit of a kink in the schedule. Also, #2 has fewer clothes and they are bigger (LOL) so he'll have to do his things a bit more frequently.

Now, they still do their own. The younger 2 are home during the day and can fit things in as needed. The older 2 will fit their loads in as they can, too. We haven't needed to have a specific schedule for who is when at this point, other than H still doing his on Sunday afternoon.

So far, this is working OK. When H was trying to maintain the previous schedule, it was just creating huge problems for all.

It's not perfect and when we all have to be somewhere for a few days at the same time, it can be a bit of a bottle-neck. But, we try to communicate more and talk through who needs what, maybe even helping each other (depending on their willingness to do so).

I never had complaints from them about not having clothes as they reaped their own consequences. For most part, it worked really well.


eta: Like another poster, we don't sort our clothes either. Personal towels will be washed with their clothes, or with their sheets when they do those. Kitchen cloths and towels along with most rags will go into the machine when swapped, then washed with the next load that's done.

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re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

I have 7 in my family. I do 1-2 (sometimes 3) loads per day, always the same loads on the same days, so my kids know when theirs is getting done and can start it for me.

Mon - bedding (only half the beds so that there is a 2 week rotation; usually 1 load)

Tues and Fri - younger 3 kids' clothes and DH's and my good clothes (2 loads)

Wed and Sat - older 2 kids' clothes + work clothes + kitchen laundry and cleaning rags (we farm so I separate work clothes from good clothes; usually 2-3 loads)

Thu - towels (1 load; I rotate between upstairs bathroom towels and downstairs bathroom towels)

My older kids are all capable of doing their own laundry and they have sometimes taken over the laundry completely, but now I do most of it because I kind of enjoy laundry. I make them do more of the cleaning. LOL

That's probably a somewhat complicated schedule but that's what works here.

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

8 here, and we literally leave the washer lid up until it is full (huge washer). When it is full, someone (usually me) runs it. Whoever empties it at the end reloads the soap so it’s ready to go again. We don’t sort anything. I use cheap soap (xtra brand I believe- and I run all loads on warm water). Never had an issue, but we rarely have new clothes that might bleed, and nothing really delicate to worry about - we generally don’t buy those things, and on the rare occasion we do, that person is responsible for keeping that garment clean (ie, handwash).

We average 1-2 loads a day.

I have no designated sheets/towel days. They go in with regular loads.

When the dryer is done (it buzzes really loudly) one of us will dump it on the couch and it’s the kids jobs to sort. Everyone folds his own and puts away. (Most of my boys don’t fold and it shows LOL)

My kids are good about this. Obviously, they can’t sit on the couch until it’s clear so that’s the incentive to get r done.

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

Where I live, hydro costs a lot less from 7 pm to 7 am on weekdays, so laundry only gets done at night. Between the 6 of us, I do a load most every night. We never wear the same clothes 2 days in a row. I feel like this obviously does make more laundry, but it's so easy to throw stuff in the washer and then transfer to the dryer. It literally takes next to no time. Folding gets done by anybody who feels like it first thing in the morning, and everyone puts their own stuff away. One load a week of towels. Saturdays I do the extra, like bedding and maybe grubby work clothes. It helps to have a HUGE washing machine :)

re: HOW do you manage laundry at your house???

Yes, it helps to have a huge washer. We've always had big ones and that makes a difference. The one I have now (Maytag Bravos) holds 3x more than other washers. Before I got this washer, I typically did 6-8 loads per week. After I got it, that was cut down to 3-4 loads per week.

From the time my dc were old enough to walk and know their colors, I got great big hampers and labeled each one with a color. I put a pic of a towel on the towels hamper.

So when the dc got out of the tub or shower each evening, they would sort their dirty clothes and put them in the right hamper. Then when the hamper was full, all I had to do was fill up the washer and wash.

I would do a load of laundry throughout the day: Start it in the morning, transfer it to the dryer (usually when we were through with schoolwork and I started supper), and then I usually got the laundry out myself (usually after supper), because I liked to fold it up or hang it up straight out of the dryer (dh set up our laundry room to make this easy).

I generally washed towels/washcloths and sheets on the weekends. It was easier then, as there was more time for the dc to strip their beds and bring me their bed linens (always in a big ball as I taught them, so pillowcases didn't get lost).

Their clothes got bigger as they got older, but having that huge washer made a big difference in the number of loads we had to do. From the time they were roughly 12 years old (old enough to reach the washer controls and know what they were doing), they began doing laundry. But we've never done the thing where each person washes only his or her own clothes (with the exception of when a dc was home from college on break) because I've always only washed full loads unless there was some sort of emergency (sickness, etc).

* I saw a chart in a magazine which showed how to wash each type of laundry, so I enlarged it, laminated it, went over it with the dc as each one got old enough to do laundry, had it hanging it in the laundry room.

In the summertime when we typically have our highest utility bills (we're total electric and we're in the South, long HOT summers), I took advantage of our sliding rates (lowest in mornings and after 9pm, highest during 'prime time' hours of 4-9pm), washing in the mornings and doing the rest after 9pm (ditto with the d/w).


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