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Coming in late, sliding into my seat, out of breath. The dog ate my homework! ;)

I've been here since early 2002. I think Tammy Lizbeth was running the place, and then Jamey took over (or maybe it was the other way around? I also remember the days of Reverend Kevin Coan. I actually ran into him at another website (no idea what it was called) and he was very, very ill. But the last I heard, he had recovered.

No longer h/s'ing, the dc are all done, busy with their adult lives. But I still enjoy coming here. The current events discussions are very interesting to me. I constantly hear/learn new things, including tips about books I haven't read before, and prayer needs for our nation and individuals, as well.

re: Roll Call

Well, gr8fl, I am joining you in the "tardiness." lol (could we have been having a "senior skip day"??? ;) lol)

I joined in Jan of 2007. We had just started hsing that fall. My boys were in 3rd and 5th grade, dd was partially doing K4. wow! It's been 11 years.

Oldest ds is part of the drafting and design team for an international company, taking 2 college classes a semester at CC, and hoping to go to a Tech school in the fall for Engineering. Finally!! lol

Second son is currently working at the same company as dad and biding his time. He's taking a few classes. Wants to be a Game Warden at some point but is liking the money he's making, while wanting more. He's also interested in heavy equipment, so we'll see. I just hope he'll go for his dreams vs focusing on the money and what it will buy.

Dd is in 10th and missing ballet terribly, but understands. She's **loving** JROTC this year and will start Cosmotology next year at the career ctr. She's not sure what she's interested in and I'm hoping she'll branch beyond what her brothers have done. lol

Youngest ds is struggling some with the academics, pretty much like the others and particularly the oldest. I've noticed similar learning thought processes. He's smart and not really sure where he wants to go which is just like the rest. lol That's OK!

This site and all of you have gotten me through so, so, SO much - not just hsing. I am eternally grateful for everything I've learned from hsing to politics to scripture, and more. Spiritually, I have grown more than I could have ever done here irl.

The support has been immeasurable and I canNOT wait to meet you all one day. I certainly hope the site does not disappear. There is a wealth of information for sooo many people, even if it's not active - although that would be a huge loss. I do plan on staying. I don't post as much on the hsing side as life has gotten busier and others are already saying what I would have. But, it's still encouraging.

I love all of you!


re: Roll Call

Here! I joined this site in 2000 or 2001, not sure exactly, but I know I hadn't been homeschooling long and we were still living in El Paso at the time.

I began homeschooling in 2000 with my oldest for Kindergarten. Now my two oldest are graduated, and the baby is in 9th grade, so I'm just 3-1/2 years away from the finish line!

>>Tammy ran this site and Reverand Coan was here posting offering advice.
Yes, I remember them! I miss those days.

re: Roll Call

Here! :)
It's encouraging to see how many of there really are on here! :)

re: Roll Call

I'm still here. I think I came in 2011.

I only have one student left and she homeschools with her bestie; the only subjects I handle are literature and writing. If she needs help with math she goes to dad.

re: Roll Call

I think I first posted a review here in 2009, but, bc of time constraints, haven't been very active on the forums. We've been HSing since the beginning and are about to graduate our only. It's been a whirlwind adventure!

re: Roll Call

Here. We've homeschooled since the beginning and are on the home stretch with a senior this year. It's been a great joy to see this journey to the end. My hope was that I could be here to finish
what we began. God isn't done yet and I'll still be as involved as the kids want as they navigate college here locally while living at home. Soon enough, they will be out of the "nest". So far, our firstborn has done very well at community college and enjoys the work. He's seen a bit more of how it is out there in the world with new views around him daily. It's been an eye-opener. We are grateful to have given him a foundation for his worldview before being in the public arena for his education. People ask what I'll do with all this free time?? Keeping my home and health are a job unto themselves. Maybe someday I'll have the right combo of treatment or a remission and be able to have energy left over for other more time-consuming ventures.


re: Roll Call

I joined maybe in 2007, but I read a lot of posts for a couple of years before that. I still have 5 that are school-age, plus 2 older ones that still live at home. Life is crazy and busy as we live with my husband's parents (we live in the partially finished basement, but we all share the same kitchen, dining room, and laundry room). They both have medical issues, including beginning stages of alzheimers, and are in their early 80's; we do most of the cleaning, yardwork, driving if they're too sick to drive, pick up prescriptions, etc.

My husband was raised very differently from how we've chosen to raise our children; he was raised in a fear-based environment and sometimes the grandparents try to parent our children. That causes us all stress. They tell us that we're doing a good job, but then question our education choices and belief choices.

I also have 3 granchildren - 2 in MO and 1 in MN. I spent 2 weeks in MO last month when my daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandkids were all really sick, helping care for them and the house. Of course I ended up sick, but not as bad.

Dh has a really good job working as a site supervisor for a cleaning company. He's in charge of all 3 shifts at that site, and usually works 1st shift, but fills in if someone can't make it. He's had to fire several people. His job gets crazy at times, but he's making more than he ever has before, so it's good.

I usually only pop in here about 1-2 times a month, just due to life.



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