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I have been extremely poor, and I currently work with poor. I do get it.

Everyone who has posted here is right. There are a huge number of abusers ad there are a huge number of those who find themselves unable to provide basic family needs.

But, personally, there needs to be a division within the beneficiaries. Some people like the elderly 90 year old or severely disabled have no hope of getting off the system. They need a system that assures long term care without interruptions as well as a foolproof system that keeps scammers away.

Then, there are those who just need a temporary fix between jobs. This class would also include students who are expected to be future earners. These people could have a more flexible system since they are less likely to be abused by or to abuse any welfare system.

Then, there are the outright abusers. These are the hardest to find. They are mostly master manipulators. This includes drug abusers, those living with significant others who make lots of money, those feigning disabilities, those refusing to work like stay at home moms and dads without extenuating circumstances, those refusing to better themselves when better options are attainable. These people need to have a warning period and then elimination from the system.

I have no clue how to implement a perfect system. I do applaud anyone trying to think of atypical ways to help. I think a system that allowed very easy meals to those who do not cook (like a nutritious Stouffer’s) or interesting cooking choices like Blue Apron. I do not believe 90 year olds should be allowed unlimited Cokes as their organs like kidneys and pancreas just cannot handle that like they could when they were 20. Age or contribution to society by others should not force me to pay for their bad choices. I really do not want to then pay for the medical care these bad choices require.

In regards to the comment that a bad economy caused the opioid epidemic, this could not be further from the truth. This latest epidemic in history is multifactorial. But, it all boils down to the trend in medicine to take away all feelings, including pain. Even Medicare reimbursements are tied to how much pain relief someone has. So, narcotics had been prescribed like water. I remember reading a journal article 20 years ago talking about how important it was to eliminate pain completely in an acute situation to eliminate long term pain. We know this is hogwash, but, the one study bolstered the profitability of narcotic prescriptions for the next two decades.

It has taken a freaking epidemic for the government to step in and make changes. Doctors certainly were not changing because all of their benchmarks are tied to customer satisfaction now, not the health of the patient. Now, in many states narcotic databases are kept on every person with a prescription. These can be referenced before doctors prescribe. Many states make it a requirement that this database be consulted before anyone prescribes narcotics. One state now requires Narcan be prescribed with every narcotic prescription.

At any rate, in areas where work injuries are high, like mining, there is a greater chance of narcotic prescriptions.

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Something needs to be done. Whether or not this is the answer I am not sure.

There is certainly abuse with food stamps. No question about that.

The abuse that happens here is where you have a single parent, living with a boyfriend who works(or in even more cases drugs) with cash under the table. The mother gets the food stamps as she does not have to report said boyfriend's income because they aren't married.

Even a married couple....some husbands are drug dealers or they work under the table and then they qualify for food stamps.

Then this all carries over to getting free health cell is never ending with people like this.

So this isn't a problem with just food stamp abuse. It carries over to many more government "freebies".

In my state, you only need to be here 24 hours and have an address and you can get all the free healthcare/food stamps/cash benefits/housing etc.......

Something needs to be done. Maybe the proposal Trump has can be a start....but the whole system needs a major overhaul, and I am not sure what the answer is.

ETA: There are DEFINITELY people who legit need help. And all these people who abuse the system(including the illegals) makes it all the more difficult for people who really need it. Welfare was never meant to be lived on. And that is something that NEEDS to change. It is not the governments job to take care of us. It was always meant to be short term. Not to live on it and never get up off your keester to better yourself.

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Perhaps the box is a start in a foundation for a family to build a better meal(plan). The box is an idea of providing the basics that one could build more healthy meals around. It is a possible idea in fixing a very poorly run system. There are many issues that need addressed before it is implemented (dietary/allergies for example) but at least people are coming up with suggestions on how to perhaps fix the broken system.

Unfortunately, if you have ever been to Walmart on the 1st of the month you really get a big picture of who the recipients are of these government programs. Start in the parking lot - they are not arriving on the local bus service. In my area the vehicles are huge, gas guzzling and shiny new. They come in with long lists. Ok. I get that. But what I don't get are the designer handbags (Coach), designer shoes and clothes. What I don't get is their latest released cell phone? What I don't get is what is in their carts - but who am I to say? What I don't get is the mistreatment of the cashier when they check out? What I don't get is the lack of thankfulness for what they've been provided. All I see, all too often, is the entitlement attitude and that is troubling.

Minnie is right on the addiction. People are no longer allowed to feel pain - and they don't, but it has come at a cost. Sadly, my dh spent years trying stop the providers who participate in growing the addictions but couldn't get any help. Investigators hands were tied and they weren't allow to investigate - and if you did - you certainly weren't allowed to prosecute. Policies were put in place to stop it all - and look what we have now. It is so very sad.

I live in a state where you used to receive help but it had time limits so you could get back on your feet but those rules went away and now it has become a way of life. This isn't a healthy way to live but it sure is comfortable.

I don't know if the box is the right answer but at least there is dialogue in trying to come up with ideas to remedy some of the problems.

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I'm sure to set someone off, but here it goes.

First, I think we will all empathize or relate to this in some way; just a different way. My experience was that my sister being single at the time, was able to sell and get drugs. It has been so hard for our family to go through that. She has wasted her life and if she doesn't stop, I'm sure it will not end well. My first thoughts are to have something that can't be exchanged or sold. That needs to happen first.

Second, maybe they want the quality of the food choices to be better???? I'm not saying that families should not be able to have soda or treats, but maybe they want to make sure that the bulk of the money is going towards quality foods? I'm not going to argue with anyone about what it all covers, I'm just making a statement.

Third, around in my area, there will be multiple families living with each other. They all "individually" apply for assistance; have you any idea the amount of money pouring into those homes that are govt homes, and without a doubt getting electric assistance and so on and so forth. I know a family right now that does that.

I know people milking the system. I'm not saying everyone does, but the ones who do are hurting the ones in true need. People around here are smart and know that if they don't get married then more money comes their way.

I have had people checking our right in front of me with the expensive purse and walk to a fancy car. My state is notorious for fraud of any kind. And even though this is an issue, it's not my biggest beef. They will get their karma.

Did you know that an illegal family gets roughly almost $3,000 a month for whatever, and our own senior citizens get maybe $1,500 if they are lucky.

If we can weed out those who are not citizens; it would free up a huge amount of money.

I am all for the box. Blue Apron allows you to choose vegan as well. There will still be choices. I"d love to have a box with all the components coming into my house. I think it would be fun.

For the record, DT doesn't do things half @ss. All of his projects are under time and under budget. The whole system will probably get better than it's ever been.

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It is not the governments job to take care of us. It was always meant to be short term. Not to live on it and never get up off your keester to better yourself.

I've heard that they are going to start requiring people who receive; work a certain amount of hours. I've heard it on the news, and here and there. They will probably work that into the plan somehow. If people have two arms and legs and are physically able to work ( not those with disabilities) they are going to be required to work. I think that will cut down on the generational help. Children grow up in families and their dream is to do what mom and dad did and that is to live off the govt. My SIL asked her 5th grade class what their dream was and 80% of the class said those very words. How sad not to have a dream; a real dream.

One last thing, the left wants people on assistance. That way they will vote Democrat forever. It's fact. If you control people's food and housing, they will vote for the person who will give them that. That is what we are heading to , or was heading to. But there's a new sheriff in town .

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Minnie you are right there are specific needs for specific groups, this actually points to how we have a need to handle things on a local level, be it townships, counties or states, the Federal Government/centralized government is just to big and wasteful to do an efficient job meeting the needs of the needy in a way that is meaningful.

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Third, around in my area, there will be multiple families living with each other. They all "individually" apply for assistance; have you any idea the amount of money pouring into those homes that are govt homes, and without a doubt getting electric assistance and so on and so forth. I know a family right now that does that.


It goes on here as well, and it is ridiculous. This is what I was saying in my other post. People keep scamming the system this way. Until it is stopped, they people who really need help are unable to get it. Unless you shirk the system like these people do.

It aggravates me to the end of the earth.

What is really frickin sad is that people live better NOT being married then BEING married. It is like you are penalized for marrying your "baby daddy".

Even the elderly. My 71 yo aunt will not marry her 76 yo boyfriend because they will no longer get 2 SS checks. That is WRONG on every level.

And Cricket is darn right. People are getting 3 grand from the government(And this includes the illegals), and the elderly people are getting "maybe" 800 bucks a month to live on.

Let's not even get started on the illegals and the "poor illegal parents children" and getting a free flippin college education.

If everyone is so up in arms about DACA, then maybe this can explain it simply.

You bring your children to Disney and you do not pay for them to get in. Disney kicks you out for this.
Whose fault is it? Disney or the Parents?

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I wonder if a lot of food would be wasted under this program. Generally, I think it would be an improvement if healthy food was provided.

But I remember when they reformed the school lunches a few years ago to make them more healthy, and kids just threw away a lot of the food.

You can provide healthy food, and if people are truly hungry/needy they will eat it gratefully. But I am afraid that much of this food will end up in the trash.


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