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Box food instead of Food Stamps

What say you?

I think this is an amazing idea.

First, it would prohibit people from selling their food stamps for cash to buy drugs.

Second, Illegals will never sign up for it because it would spotlight them. The Govt is never going to send it to a P.O. Box so they would have to have a real address. So I think money train going to them would be cut to give to citizens.

Third, no more lobster and getting cash to buy booze and lotto cards. EVEN BETTER.

One of the biggest arguments from people that I'm reading about is they don't want their food chosen for them. Well, if you go to a food pantry would wont necessarily get what you really want either.

Whoever thought of this idea was brilliant.

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re: Box food instead of Food Stamps

Sounds MORE complicated to me, honestly.

On so many levels.

re: Box food instead of Food Stamps

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I think it weeds out the fraud and abuse.

re: Box food instead of Food Stamps

I don't have a problem with people getting roughly $100 (and much less) worth of food assistance. I think the box of food would be a nice supplement, but a logistical nightmare.

You can't "sell stamps". The cards have chips and when the balance is gone, it's gone. You can't buy anything but food and beverages with them.

re: Box food instead of Food Stamps

My sister sold her food stamp card for cash to buy drugs. It's one of the biggest abuses. We have an opioid epidemic in this country; I think it could help with that. I also don't feel illegals should be benefitting in our programs; it would make it more difficult for them to receive.

I'd love blue apron meals coming to my house.

re: Box food instead of Food Stamps

As the recipient of food stamps I think this is a terrible idea obviously. We barely receive enough each month to afford food like bologna, hot dogs, rice & beans, cheap cheap cheap & unhealthy. I don't know how anyone can buy lobster or steak or whatever because we are practically starving & sick on the maximum amount for a family of 4!

I can completely see regulating it for know drug abusers, people who are bucking the system, whatever etc, but for an average law abiding family trying to survive on practically nothing........ to make it MORE humiliating, well that is absolutely ridiculous!!

Its hard enough trying to budget a small amount of $$ each month especially to feed a family with major food allergies. To be forced to take their idea of "healthy food" aka commodity boxes? That is horrible, demeaning, and unfair to those of us simply trying to survive.

Big brother needs to spend some time walking in MY shoes before he tries implementing demeaning changes in order to pad his pockets.

Not everyone has the ability to earn $50,000-1,000,000+ a year to provide steak & lobster or even worse mcdonalds for their dinner every night.

Not everyone in the US is a ruthless SOB who calmly uproots/destroys families simply to watch with disgusting pride & smug self satisfaction the bursting of their room-sized safe.

There isn't even any way to sell food stamps where we are! Its on a card, and if you buy something and try to return it, you have to have the $$ put back on the card.

Say/think what you will but my family and I are praying that this will be passed over for something more important.

re: Box food instead of Food Stamps

I'm so sorry, savmom, and I completely agree with your post. Also agree with maryofegypt that it is only able to be used to buy food.

Fraud happens, but not in most instances, and this food box idea would not prevent fraud. I can see it enriching transportation companies, though; fuel; and the bureaucracy created to create the boxes, customize them for diabetes, allergy, etc. etc. etc.

It sounds wasteful and it sounds unkind and unhelpful to me.

It also isn't at all like blue apronboxes, which is where people have choice in the matter.

It is not right to disallow people some choice in the literal food they put in their mouth, just because their life is difficult and they need help.

We ALL need help from our Father the Good Shepherd, and He lets us choose where in the pasture to nibble grass and where in the stream to sip water.

re: Box food instead of Food Stamps

I don't know enough to know if what is being proposed is the answer, but one thing in the article did make a lot of sense. If the goal is for the taxpayers to serve needy families, there is no need to enrich retailers in the process. Presumably, wholesale could save taxpayers half, or looking at in another way, each family could receive twice the benefit or twice as many people could be served.


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