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If you love God. If you love America. If you love those who protect us. If you love all that America stands for. If you love all the wonderful things he has already done and not just talked about. If you love that he isn't going to pick and choose who is most important to represent. If you love that paychecks are up and unemployment is down; then the speech was amazing. Seventy-five percent of America loved the speech; that's a landslide in the political world.

Let not your heart be troubled. If you know prophecy; good times won't last for long. But what lies ahead is better than we can imagine as believers.

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If Obama had made that same speech, Dems would have cheered until they passed out. They would have even accepted his U-turn on coal, just 'cause he said it.

NO admin has ever been more corrupt than mr oh's, and that is really saying something. He had the smooth, polished image like BC, but it was fake too.

They were already "reacting" to the speech on Monday, before DT had even given it! They HATE the man, period. They claim to hate hate, but they don't. They claim to love tolerance, but they don't. They only tolerate people who want to destroy America, like mr oh was working overtime (along with his czars) to do.

Sarah Sanders hit the nail on the head today when she said:
Dems need to decide whether they love this country more than they hate President Trump.

"If HC had won, we'd never know how corrupt they were."

Bingo, cricket. During the Watergate fallout, lib newspapers were *demanding* full disclosure of All The Facts. They got them, too.

So ... why are the FBI and DOJ dragggggggging their feet on releasing these records they don't want the country to see? We know the answer to that. No wonder mr oh has retained a lawyer. No doubt he's going to need one.

" And to be on your cell phone during a Presidents speech is the highest form of disrespect."

Exactly, kesa. They might as well have stayed home.

BTW, who is this Joe Kennedy? He doesn't look like a Kennedy. I was under the impression his dad was RFK? (he and Ethel had more than 10 dc IIRC), but he doesn't look like either of them.

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A few more thoughts:

73% of Independents who were polled loved the speech. That may be a record.

Dems hit a new low when they refused to clap for the Rep who was shot by the deranged Bernie supporter and survived. ONE clapped. He needs to get a gold medal for courage. Undoubtedly he will suffer for that. Dems have to toe the party line, or else.

Fox News set a record for the number of people who watched the SOTU speech on that channel.

"He’s colluded with Russia basically"

Really? Where's the evidence? They've been trying to pin this accusation on him for more than a year, yet have none.

What IS coming to the fore is that Dems colluded on the 'get DT' dossier in order to try to affect our election. So much dirt is on them (including Benghazi, which should NOT be forgotten), it needs to come out from under the rug where it was swept.

Who are you, Blue? I get the feeling you've been here before.

1shortmom, I loved your comments! It's great to see you back. :)

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By the way, O got plenty of respect during his 8 years, which is why, among other things, he got re-elected. I respect the office, for one thing, as most true blue red-blooded Americans do; and I respect that he is a fellow human being being, also as most Americans do.

What I do not agree with had nothing to do with respect.

"Respect" is a red herring; a bullying tactic.

Instead of RATIONALLY talking about ISSUES, disloyal Americans get emotional and talk about SUBJECTIVE impressions that can neither be proved nor disproved.

Let's stick to facts.

He got his time on the national and world platform, 8 years of it. His wife got her time in the nation's lunch rooms, adding fruits and veggies. Their kids STILL get Secret Service protection, which is why he humorously commented he doesn't worry what boys they date or hang with, because there's not much any fellow can get up to with SS around. (The rest of our college gals don't get that level of protection.)

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The Kennedy's are like gum stuck to your shoe.

Living here in this state, people worship the ground they all walk on. It's all just so pathetic.

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All that may be so, but Trump still deserves his chance at 8 years just as Obama was given his chance at 8 years.

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Blue, your accusation about attacks here is just like the left's accusations about President Trump -- no evidence. If you're who I think you are, you've been told this before, and did not produce any evidence that anyone here had attacked you.

Remember, disagreement is not attack. And, yes, Trump deserves at least as much respect as Obama received. The right did not treat him nearly as disgracefully as Trump has been treated by the left. Much to the contrary.

Jehovah Shalom -- The LORD is Peace

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