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Anyone who truly listened to that speech, and didn't like it, is not an American.

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I can give a rats @ss what he does. I can care less if he got in the tub with Putin and played with a rubber duckie. LOL The dems just make up lies because their party has fallen apart. Even other younger dems want new fresh blood.The Russia thing has already been debunked because it was actually HC that was involved in that ( if we can just get that memo). If one bothers to watch something other than CNN, then it's already come out that she was in fact involved in the Bengahzi. If that Kennedy was all they had; then they are in big trouble. And honestly, OPRAH? Really? ROFLOL They are grasping at straws. I honestly still feel sorry for the Bernie voters, he sold out, or was threatened.

But it's OK, come back after 8 years of loathing a Pres and then we'll talk. Dems will live through it just like we did.

Anyways, so glad that he did so well last night. He knows what a true hero is.

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True blue- what I don't understand is how people believe everything the media tells them to believe and when the facts come forward to discredit the accusations people refuse to accept those facts. I don't understand how for 8 years it was ok to dismiss the sacrifices our military and first responders have made. I don't understand how it has been ok for the "dreamers" to use all the services our government provides but there aren't enough services for our citizens. I don't understand why the past 8 years we've been glorifying Hollywood and all its members. There is much I don't understand over the past 8 years but I'm thankful that my husband's paycheck has a little more in it each month now. I'm thankful that citizens appreciate the service he provided while in the military. I'm thankful that people have stop p ed coming up to him and telling him "f" the police but instead thank him and appreciate what he does for them each day. I'm thankful that maybe we will have a little more money to help pay for our kids college now. I could go on but at the very least I'm thankful to be an American

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Sorry, I'm just so excited, and not even for me but for those who are real heros, those who put their lives on the line every single day for all of us.They demand nothing; they only want respect and a thank you. For our flag and our anthem.

None tell it quite like it is than Ann C. She can be abrasive, but she tells it like it is. No more hashing it out; did that before the election. Enough people saw the light and that's all that matters. People want to know all lives matter to a President; not just a select few.


January 31, 2018

Unlike the president, I don't call everything "incredible," but Trump's State of the Union address was incredible, beautifully delivered. (This guy could have a future in television!)

As proof, I cite every single media outlet bitterly complaining after the speech that, as MSNBC's chyron put it: "TRUMP FAILS TO MENTION RUSSIA'S ELECTION MEDDLING IN STATE OF THE UNION."

He did not address the elephant in the room!

A lot of people don't like Trump, but no one was thinking that. It's only an elephant in your room, media. This is the very definition of solipsistic.

What did they want him to say? "I confess!"? Then they would have complained that the speech was all about him. There would be five Mueller deputies going over the speech, line by line.

If that's all they got, it was a great speech.

The media claimed that Trump tricked them into reporting that his address was going to be bipartisan -- and then double-crossed them by delivering a "divisive" speech.

To be sure, there were a few partisan flourishes, galling to both sides.

Points Liberals Hate:

-- "Beautiful clean coal";

-- The end of Obamacare's individual mandate;

-- Keeping Guantanamo open; and

-- Firing useless government employees working for the Veterans Administration.

Points Conservatives Hate:

-- Amnesty;

-- Pointless wars; and

-- Any policy Trump mentioned when the camera flashed to Ivanka.

Altogether, these partisan remarks consumed about seven minutes of an 80-minute speech.

The bulk of Trump's address celebrated:

-- A booming economy;


-- Companies bringing jobs home;

-- Low black unemployment;

-- The flag;

-- The national motto;

-- God;

-- Rebuilding roads and bridges;

-- Law enforcement;

-- The life of a child born to an opioid addict;

-- The military;

-- Veterans; and

-- Getting the best immigrants we can.

I'm trying to imagine FDR opposing any of that. But according to today's Democrats, those issues are "divisive." (Calling the president a "racist" 2 million times a day -- that's not particularly divisive.)

Democrats have apparently decided that the magic of immigration-created demographic transformation means the future is theirs! They no longer have to worry about middle-of-the-road voters, independents, undecideds -- or really any Americans at all.

The entire party has embraced Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet's advice (offered back when he thought Trump was going to lose): "The culture wars are over; they lost, we won. ... F*ck Anthony Kennedy." (No asterisk in the original.)

Drawing on his family's mystique, Rep. Joseph Kennedy III delivered the Democratic rebuttal while standing in an auto body shop in front of a broken-down car. The only thing missing was a wet girl in the back seat, seaweed in her hair, desperately scratching at the windshield.

To drive home the point that the Democratic Party is not a moribund carcass with nothing but memories, next year Chelsea Clinton should give the response. Then Hillary, followed by Amy Carter.

Kennedy began by unironically denouncing privilege and celebrity. (As everyone knows, Democrats cannot STAND celebrity!) He then devoted the lion's share of his speech to the Democrats' pet issues: transgenders and foreigners. This is a party so completely insulated from the concerns of normal people that it is now dedicating itself to exotic micro-issues.

Kennedy said:

"As if the parent who lies awake terrified that their transgender son or daughter will be beaten and bullied at school is any more or less legitimate than the parent whose heart is shattered by a daughter in the grips of an opioid addiction."

Once Middle America is reminded that Trump hasn't done anything to address the bullying of transgenders, they'll come to us in droves!

To be fair, the Democrats haven't cared about Middle America for years and are frankly relieved they no longer have to pretend to like losers in flyover country. Their No. 1 priority is dragging in more and more foreigners to vote for them.

Kennedy repeated a slogan from the anti-Trump rallies: "Build a wall and my generation will tear it down." We shouldn't have borders. In fact, it's crazy to have borders!

If JFK could have been brought back to life to see this speech, he would have instantly had young Joe committed to a mental institution.

The Kennedy scion compared the civil rights of African-Americans to the (non-existent) rights of foreigners, assuring viewers that the Democrats are dedicated to protecting everyone, regardless of "the color of your skin" or "the country of your birth."

Being an American means nothing to these citizens of the world.

He denounced the Trump administration for ignoring the "promise" we apparently made to the 7 billion people who are not Americans. How dare we arrogate to ourselves the right to decide "who makes the cut" and becomes our fellow citizen?

Incidentally, which grandee decides who "makes the cut" at the celebrity V.I.P. rooms at Democratic conventions?

Transgenders and foreigners are specialty hobbies, like building ships in a bottle or urban cheese-making. It's as if the big thinkers of the party ran into someone at Burning Man:

What are you working on?


Oh, that sounds interesting. Can I join you?

Normal American: How about good-paying jobs and putting food on the table?

This is what the Democratic Party has become -- a group of utterly decadent coxcombs, with no concept of economic insecurity and no interest in finding out.


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Oh, and I've searched TrueBlue's name and it's not coming up in the search? Interesting.

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Trueblue admits he/she didn't watch the SOTU, so none of her/his opinions matter. Whoever they are.

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Cricket: I hadn’t seen AC’s summary of last night, but that was hysterical! Thanks for posting!

When I saw the SOTU rebuttal, my immediate thought, good grief, another Kennedy??? I thought they’d all died off years ago.

I loved the SOTU, as did my entire family. Who ever heard of a 6 year old watching a SOTU address, but mine willing did and enjoyed it. So did all my other children, and we all loved how inspiring and patriotic it was.


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