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re: re: re: I haven't been this excited for a SOTU

I haven't been this excited for a SOTU

since................................I've never been this excited. LOL

All I know, is now even CNN is starting to talk about HC and the "faith" person who was caught sexually harassing an intern all the while HC swept it under the rug. Oh yea, she's all for women ( eye roll)

And............................this memo better be good. I want to see all the names and have them be held accountable in orange jumpsuits. It's all spilling out . And even if we never get to see the memo, I'm still saying I TOLD YOU SO. The reason dems don't want the memo out is because all their names are on it. Just enough that the American people know there was serious corruption going on. If HC had won, we'd never know how corrupt they were.

re: I haven't been this excited for a SOTU

And have you noticed Sarah Sanders keeps talking about "7 more years?" I love it.

re: I haven't been this excited for a SOTU

I think one important difference is that this president gets out and asks for returns on US investments. Meeting with CEOs to find out exactly how they will bring corporate dollars back to the U.S. after tax cuts is just one example. Instead of blindly giving dollars to foreign countries, he is asking just what are we getting in return? Nothing is status quo. I think more and more Americans are regaining hope and a sense of nationalism, even those who voted for him.

Do you think the frenzy will get us the wall?

re: I haven't been this excited for a SOTU

I thought it was an excellent speech.

I agreed with everything he said except for his position on nuclear weapons. We don't need to go back there.

I am curious to see how my taxes are going to change next year.

The Dem's are a bunch of whiny 2 years olds as usual. And to be on your cell phone during a Presidents speech is the highest form of disrespect.

I thought it was awesome when he would make a specific point, and look directly to the Dem's. LOL.....

Living in a Democratic state, of course all I have watched is the miserable people in office here have a temper tantrum over his speech.

And Joe Kennedy......GO HOME. YOU'RE DRUNK.

re: I haven't been this excited for a SOTU

American's are dreamers too! Boy, the dems are going to hate that one.

America safety first, American children first, America America America.

When they started chanting USA, I hope the dems were wearing depends. It was a shame and disgrace for them to sit and not clap. Why do they even want to be in govt or even in the USA. GET THE HELL OUT.

release the memo!

OH, and Kennedy, this is what Ann C. had to say

*****However, Ann Coulter had the tweet of the night hands down:

Joe Kennedy giving SOTU response. His father is the one who paralyzed the girl, NOT the one who was addicted to heroin.

re: I haven't been this excited for a SOTU


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re: I haven't been this excited for a SOTU

I love Trump.

re: I haven't been this excited for a SOTU

dems are mad because DT is doing such a great job. At the end of his speech, he had made a list of all the things he fixed that "O" destroyed. He loves America, "O" did not.

The dems refused to stand and clap for

Tax reform
National Anthem
Veterans healthcare
Fair trading
stock market ( historic I might add)
Families of gang victims
deal for dreamers
immigration reform
Funding for military
Low unemployment for African Americans.

So, why on earth do they want to be part of govt. The dems also voted down the 20 week abortion bill. Are they human? To me, they are just a bunch of sour puss, drunks . Release the memo.

Seriously, someone needed to hand Pelosi a tooth pick so she could stop sucking her teeth and Schumer gave a really creepy possessed look. It will haunt me. The Schumer shutdown. They are coming up with some great slogans that I need to get on a bumper sticker.

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