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So, who's had the flu this year?

re: So, who's had the flu this year?

Did you see that there is an outbreak of swine and bird flu at or near where the Olympics is being held?

If that is brought here, oiy.

re: So, who's had the flu this year?

We all got the flu shot. My oncologist and nurse were definite about the idea that I should get one. I had the kids get one, too. With ongoing chemo for the indefinite future, I am more susceptible. I am not one who has gotten it regularly in the past; maybe once or twice.

Lots of stomach bugs going around at the kids small private school. Lots of cases of the flu in our area. One dd complained of a stomach ache and threw up two times, but was better the next day. Other than that, no one has caught anything. I wear a mask 90% of the time. I have not been staying home and continue doing what I normally do.

re: So, who's had the flu this year?

Country, I am glad you are wearing a mask. This flu is brutal on the immunocompromised.

What else is weird is that Influenza A and B are hitting so hard at the same time. I have seen those overlap a tad in the past, but, never full blown at the same time. Also, influenza B especially, but both to some extent are causing a lot of GI issues, not just the cough with aches and pains like other years.

Finally, this year secondary bacterial infections are more common with this flu, especially in asthmatics, diabetics, and those who are exposed to bacteria like MRSA.

I am back home now, but, already some of the physicians were saying that Monday there were fewer patients with symptoms. Hopefully, this season will peak fast.

re: So, who's had the flu this year?

Thanks Minnie, I had one doctor tell me not to wear it or people would think I was crazy. I told him that I already was and several people had told me that in reference to my decision to adopt a sibling group of five.

Before my dh passed, at one point, he had thrush and all five kids had strep. I made it through that without catching any of it, thanks to the mask among other things.

I am glad that you are seeing signs that things are getting better. That is good news.

re: So, who's had the flu this year?

Thankfully, it has not hit us.

However, our neighbor's husband and brother have both been hospitalized.
She just got word that her mother and law out of town is down and out with it so she is headed to care for her while her husband now is back home and weak but on the mend.

One of my 3 away at school is commuting right now because his roommate is sick (he is delivering items to him, including things we are providing). A couple of others on their floor are sick as well.

Terrifying stuff.

I had the shot, wash may hand or sanitize constantly, and try the other 'tricks of the trade' as well. I have no real idea what works and doesn't, so just praying for health and safety around here.


re: So, who's had the flu this year?

Country Sister, I am *shocked* that anyone (especially a doctor!) would call you 'crazy' for wearing a mask. I would make it a point to avoid his practice since he can't possibly be that uninformed (???). His comment to you sounds crazy to me.

Local/state news continues backtracking the CDC's earlier comment that the flu was abating here. Now they're saying that

Flu deaths have doubled in the last couple of weeks

More hospitalizations (which they say indicates a greater chance of deaths)

30% spike in flu patients compared to last January

Grady hospital in Atl (a huuuge hospital) is swamped and overwhelmed -- this is unprecedented

They're saying that the main strain which is circulating this year is the H3N2 which tends to cause more illnesses and deaths (is that swine flu? seems I've seen that 'name/code' before).

Since this season's flu shot is said to be only 10% effective, I'm assuming it doesn't hit that one.

I'm praying for everyone/families here for quick, full recovery and protection for those who don't have it. God Is Able both to protect and to heal. Nothing is too hard for Him.

re: So, who's had the flu this year?

I know you guys already know this stuff, but, we get casual in our terminology and statistics adding to fear when it may not be as bad as it seems.

As you know, there are multiple strains of flu. There are over 100 just for influenza A. Based on trends developing all over the world, the CDC predicts which strains will hit the US in the upcoming year. This is a very difficult prediction as the prevelant strains are constantly changing. Here is something from the CDC website:

“Influenza A (H1N1), A (H3N2), and one or two influenza B viruses (depending on the vaccine) are included in each year’s influenza vaccine. Getting a flu vaccine can protect against flu viruses that are the same or related to the viruses in the vaccine. Information about this season’s vaccine can be found at Preventing Seasonal Flu with Vaccination. The seasonal flu vaccine does not protect against influenza C viruses. Additionally, flu vaccines will NOT protect against infection and illness caused by other viruses that also can cause influenza-like symptoms. There are many other non-flu viruses that can result in influenza-like illness (ILI) that spread during flu season.”

So when someone says a flu shot is only 10% effective, this is very misleading. That does not mean that 90% of those unvaccinated will get the flu. It doesn’t even mean 90% are susceptible to the flu. This is because flu viruses are interrelated to the point that many strains not included in the vaccine will still provide immunity to some extent. It is also why those immunized who do get the flu will have shortened and less severe symptoms on average compared to those people not vaccinated. Bottom line, how effective an immunization is depends on the strain a person is exposed to as well as the length and proximity of exposure. Most are exposed to multiple flu strains every year. But, obviously, one doesn’t get sick with the flu every month, right.

Every year I hear someone tell me he doesn’t get the flu vaccine because it gives him the flu. This is wrong on so many levels. Some of the live attenuated viruses used to give many people mild symptoms. This caused the immune system to spring into action to prevent the real flu during an epidemic. Then, you have the people who have another cold virus and blame it on a flu shot. At any given time in our lives, there will be a certain number of people getting a respiratory virus. This doesn’t mean one has the flu.

There are many reasons to not get the vaccine. Fortunately, we still live in a society people can choose. DH used to never get the immunization until the year he actually got the flu. Now he is first in line every year. Lol.

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re: So, who's had the flu this year?

The flu shot can also cause Guillan Barre Syndrome, and other side effects.

I think it's fair and impartial to share both the pros and cons, so folks can make an informed decision.

We have a literally brilliant physician (4.0 med school) who never pushes the flu vaccine. It's because he is brilliant that he doesn't, because he knows it's not a surefire thing. Sometimes it helps; sometimes it doesn't; sometimes rarely, it harms.


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