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Too Cold for Clothesline?

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

I hang laundry out for the cost savings (but this is just a tiny, icing on the cake reason as the savings isn’t that much), the exercise and outdoor time, and mostly just because I like to - sort of an old-fashioned, back to nature, my ancestors did it and I like to do it too. For the same reasons I bake bread, and not in a bread maker but in the oven the old fashioned way. And why I make dry beans in the oven versus opening a can. And why my kids hunt feral hog and deer and fish and prepare and cook their catch when the grocery store is down the street. And why I sew some clothes when I could buy them cheaply. And why I hand wash all my dishes versus getting a dishwasher.

Do you have a horse and buggy around somewhere? JK, lol.

I hung laundry out to dry for years, while all my friends were like Minnie, saying Why??? They didn't have clotheslines, dried everything in the dryer.

I still bake bread in the oven, don't have a bread machine. But I'm sure that if someone gave me one, I'd use it. :) It's just not the kind of thing I'm going to buy for myself.

Dh hunted wild hogs and deer for decades; it was a huge cost savings to have them processed (usually came out to 50 cents per pound) and not have to buy much meat at the grocery store. Now when he's not at work, he's spending more time playing golf, not as much time hunting and fishing.

When I have dry beans, I cook them in a pot on the stove. The only canned beans I buy are green beans because I don't like the frozen ones (too mushy, yuck). But I prefer buying frozen beans and peas, because they taste so fresh. I'm planning to use the bone from our Christmas ham to cook peas on New Year's Day, a tradition here -- along with rice (brown) and greens (mustard, turnip, collard mix) and cornbread.

I've never been much of a hand at sewing. A friend who's an excellent seamstress makes curtains and drapes as her side job, makes good money. But she doesn't make many clothes these days (she made all her dd's clothes when they were growing up) because fabric costs much more now. I used to crochet before dc and h/s; I want to get back to it. I'm still stocked up on yarn.

I washed dishes by hand for years and was thrilled to pieces when dh got me a d/w. I wouldn't want to have to live w/o one, though I know I could. I wash my copper bottomed pots and pans by hand.

I only had to live w/o a clothes dryer after we married for a short time (about six months) and I'm very very very! happy that I've had one ever since. :) I dry our better clothes only for a short time (about 10 minutes) and then hang them to finish drying on plastic hangers. That gets any wrinkles out and the fabric lasts longer.

I don't have a smart phone or watch Netflix. :) Don't like Mickey D's food except for a couple of their breakfast items.

Dh's granny and aunt (who lived together after his uncle died) lived in north Florida (near Lake City). They washed and hung out laundry to dry every morning except Sunday, saying it usually dried in a hour or two (even towels). They said they did laundry first thing in the mornings, as they commonly got showers in the afternoons.

His aunt and uncle bought a side of beef from a local ranch every year and put it in the freezer, saying that saved them a lot of money. They would always grill steak when relatives visited and that was THE very best steak I've ever had.

It was his granny who told me to buy frozen veggies if I couldn't get fresh. She was an excellent cook, seamstress, gardener, everything. Her expertise was astonishing and she did more in a day in her 90s than some people do in a week. I've never known anyone else who could work like she did, and enjoy every minute of it.

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

Minnie, I've never heard of Asian cockroaches, but there are some huge ones here which fly. !?! Some people call them flying roaches and some call them wood roaches because they are said to live in/off wood. We only see them occasionally when we run our attic fan (that seems to draw them in). Just the thought of them makes me shudder.

I'm wondering if they're the same thing as the ones called Asian in your area. One thing's for sure: The farther south you go, the bigger the insects are! {{{shudder}}}

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?


here's an article over on orkin pest control company website about various roaches, including minnie's pets. err. I mean pest. but that's too funny to erase and correct that typing mistake. here..

This picture from U of FL site says it's one of them

This type was new to me as well so I had to look it up. learn all sorts of things here, don't we?

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

Cbollin - LOL! You’re killing me!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have a great one!

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

These are edible in Southeast Asia....and come in even larger sizes, too.


re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

Sorry to be so late getting back on and reading additonal responses, suggestions and questions.

As ilovemychildren wrote, I hang laundry out "for the cost savings (but this is just a tiny, icing on the cake reason as the savings isn’t that much), the exercise and outdoor time"...

The later two are the main reasons. I am not an outdoorsy person and I don't like to exercise. But I enjoy hanging out laundry and though not much exercise, it does provide some in carrying it in and out, and reaching up and down to hang it and take it down. At the same time, I get some much needed fresh air and make use of our nice back yard. I feel good doing it.

It is too cold currently, but looks like it will be okay to hang out next week. I hang out all spring and summer and am trying to do so more so year round, as is feasible.

I realize there are many, many other ways to get a tiny bit of exercise and fresh air, but I tend to need to be doing something specific with an intent other than just to exercise, sadly (i.e. I will take a walk to walk the dog, but rarely just to go walk for myself).

Thanks for the discussion and help!


re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

It is definitely toooooo cold to hang out laundry right now! Even Florida is cold, with some areas getting snow. Charleston and Savannah are verrrrry cold too, with snow.

Aren't you glad you're not living in pioneer days or earlier times (like the Great Depression) when a clothesline was the Only Way to dry clothes??? I am. :)

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

Aren't you glad you're not living in pioneer days or earlier times (like the Great Depression) when a clothesline was the Only Way to dry clothes??? I am. :)


Yes indeed! :) The indoor plumbing, hot water, refrigeration, and other amenities of modern life are also a blessing.


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