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Too Cold for Clothesline?

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

Enlighten me. Is the purpose to save electricity?

Where I keep the RV parked in northern Florida, there are monsters called Asian cockroaches which nest outside. They flock to anything moist. I would not dream of leaving wet clothes outside and then bringing them in. Yuck!

In south Florida, everything left outside molds.

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

Minnie - LOL - that isn’t true. I am in south Florida, and I have a ranch in north Florida. I hang my clothes outside both places. In south Florida, I live in a very small home in the city, and my laundry line is on a pulley that starts in my backyard, goes over my house and ends high in the tree in my front yard. People have likened my flapping laundry to the prayer flags of Nepal(?).

Yes, it’s moist here, but with the sun and breeze, laundry dries remarkably fast and well, no mold at all.

Now, if you are talking about hanging laundry INSIDE down here, we’ll, that’s a different story. I don’t hang laundry inside at all, although it would probably be fine if you are running the A/C or furnace. I’ve never hung whole loads inside, only individual items I don’t want to send flapping in the breeze. But the only reason you’d need to hang inside here is if it’s raining, which is rarely is for long. Otherwise, south Florida is perfect for year-round laundry on a line.

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

You must be in better parts of Florida than I. But, admittedly, I have never hung clothes out on a line. I am thinking of the wet towels that get left beside the pool which get stinky and moldy quickly.

And, the Asian cockroaches were my nemesis this summer. I started getting these moths in my RV one weekend. Only, they would finally light and run across a counter like a cockroach. After buying every chemical found at Lowe’s and a professional spraying my car and RV twice, we figured out the creatures were nesting in the palmetto bush next door. I watched the bug man spray and suddenly a black cloud of bugs arose from the bush like a tornado swirling from the ground. They were flying everywhere and became a swirling mass around our heads and everything outside within a one mile radius. I screamed loud enough to cause laryngitis for a week! (ok, maybe I exaggerate a little.).

I think I will stick with my dryer. Lol.

So why do you guys hang clothes to dry outside anyway? Is it to save money by not running the dryer? I think I would rather eat beans and run the dryer. I remember Downey commercials in the sixties which showed the ladies outside hanging laundry and then walking up to the flapping sheets and taking a big whiff. I just wanted to say, “lady, how do you know that wasn’t where the sperm landed last night?”

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

Oh my goodness! I would go crazy too if I had such an infestation close to my Rv as well! (I don’t have an rv, I’m just saying if I did and that happened to me!).

I hang laundry out for the cost savings (but this is just a tiny, icing on the cake reason as the savings isn’t that much), the exercise and outdoor time, and mostly just because I like to - sort of an old-fashioned, back to nature, my ancestors did it and I like to do it too. For the same reasons I bake bread, and not in a bread maker but in the oven the old fashioned way. And why I make dry beans in the oven versus opening a can. And why my kids hunt feral hog and deer and fish and prepare and cook their catch when the grocery store is down the street. And why I sew some clothes when I could buy them cheaply. And why I hand wash all my dishes versus getting a dishwasher. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

I like modern convenience things too - I’m an occasional fan of McDonald’s, I have an iPhone, I watch Netflix, and I own a dryer (although for about 10 years I didn’t). I’m not against buying a dollar store loaf of bread, or eating spam and eggs. All those things are good too :)

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

I hang all my clothes to dry (inside, I don't have a line). They are dry in a day.

I do it because our 17yo dryer finally died this year, we are not buying another one, and the laundromat in our complex is $1.50 a load. Also, clothes last longer hanging to dry. I have a very small wardrobe and I want the clothes to last.

ilovemychildren, your list of old-fashioned tasks made me smile. I love to make beans from scratch and bake bread, too. I also love to iron. And crochet my own blankets, and cross-stitch my own wall decor. :)

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re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

I want to come live with you guys.

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

Anne, our climate is very similar. Today we're supposed to get up to a 'balmy' 50 degrees, but the rest of the week is downhill all the way, with lows in the teens. We had snow a week or so ago; this winter is already colder than some in recent times.

This to me is too cold for using a clothesline outdoors, mainly because I would not want to be outside in the cold for the period of time necessary to hang a load of laundry. Now if I were just going to throw one big thing (like a comforter) over the line, that might be different. I love the heavenly scent of bed linens dried outdoors.

cricket mentioned one time that Florida's cold temps (when it's cold there) are colder than in other places. I think that could be because of the higher (much-higher) humidity. (Summer heat is also much worse when the air is humid.) But I know those much-lower temps CAN cause frostbite, so one living in those areas needs to be very careful about exposed skin.

My MIL used to tell about her mom hanging out laundry in the winters (this area) and it freezing on the line (and the dc having to bring it in!). So you don't have to go all the way back to Ma Ingalls to find that happening. ;) They probably did hang smaller things (and unmentionables) indoors to dry. But hanging out big things like sheets and towels was most likely impossible indoors.

re: Too Cold for Clothesline?

ilovemychildren Dec 29, 2017 11:38:PM

..... And why I make dry beans in the oven versus opening a can.
........ I’m not against ..... eating spam and eggs.


oh dear, You totally asked for this skit.

giggle. LOL. (minnie, since you're scared to click, it's a classic clip from a 1970s BBC show involving baked beans, spam, and eggs and more spam just like hsr)

enjoy :)

eta: for educational value, please note, That skit linked is the basis for what we call email and forum spam. So it's history. and now we have it in context of the science of clothes washing, and hunting feral pig, and differences in climate and weather conditions. we've mentioned a book or novel or series thereof.. y'all know what that means? We just built us a unit study on this thread. LOL LOL.

happy new year everyone. :) I have a fan on my carpet that I had to clean because of the sick cat. something cannot go in dryer and something cannot hang on the line either. the carpet.. well the cat too.

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