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Iron Deficiency Anemia- vitamin recommendation

re: Iron Deficiency Anemia- vitamin recommendation

also, how old is your daughter?
what is the suspected cause of her anemia? heavy menses, not enough iron in diet, ??

re: Iron Deficiency Anemia- vitamin recommendation

If one goes back and reads the op , you will know that she has finished her iron regimen and her labs are now normal.

I don't know what the cause was of her low iron, but I'm guessing it was due to her periods.

I suffered from severe Anemia for almost 7 years because of it . And I was under the care of a Heme dr. I had iv iron( awful and would never recommend unless you have exhausted everything else)
Most Heme Drs will recommend ablation if low iron is suspected.
Do not do this!!!!!
Unless someone's periods are so so bad that you cannot leave the house, please do bc pills if you can, or an IUD. Ablation is permanent, and if it doesn't work, you can end up with more problems. Trust me.

Anyways , taking straight iron long term is not good for your body,
But now that her numbers are stable she should take a prenatal as I suggested . Yes, vitamin c is good for absorption but that is mainly if you take straight iron which she isn't . The prenatal will have enough vit c to absorb it. It won't hurt to take it with Oj though but know it's not necessary with a multi.

I do have to stress that she should have a full iron panel done every 3 months with just taking a vit with iron. This includes Cbc with diff, ferritin, and TIBC. This way the dr can tell if staying on a multi with iron is enough.

Should she need to go back on iron , I only suggest Vitron C, or ferrous gluconate.

Oh, and don't worry about calcium and all that jazz right now. Again, she is not taking a separate iron pill. If she was that would be different.

Just pop the multi in her mouth and your good to go. Seriously....I have btdt ......

re: Iron Deficiency Anemia- vitamin recommendation


I have to add to mb post...

Rarely IDA is caused by lack of iron in your diet. And I mean rarely.

The exception is for people who have had gastric bypass surgery. Or gastric sleeve etc....

People who have been DX with Low B12 can be a cause...but this has nothing to do with diet.

But the average American diet has plenty of iron.

The main causes of IDA are....

Heavy periods
Gastric bleeding
B12 def(inability to absorb B12 naturally)
Gastric surgeries

re: Iron Deficiency Anemia- vitamin recommendation

Rarely, IDA can also be caused by celiac disease. But that is not common.

There is a liquid herbal (tasty) supplement called Floradix Iron + Herbs that would provide needed iron, also.

Nettles capsules or tea are a phenomenal herbal source, as well.

re: Iron Deficiency Anemia- vitamin recommendation

This has all been so helpful!
Thank you, everyone. I'm going to write down all the advice.

She just turned 17 this month. I asked her doctor what the cause would be, and she said it may just be a mix of periods and diet.

Although when asked, dd doesn't seem to think her periods are heavy. Maybe she has nothing to compare to, and not realize what normal is?

I wish her pediatrician would have set up another lab check in the future, but she suggested we just watch for symptoms.

Her thyroid numbers were off at first, and we thought her symptoms were thyroid related, but those numbers corrected after iron therapy. I just want her iron to stay normal. It took some time to recognize something wasn't right, and she was feeling so run down. Looking back, she was so pale! I love seeing color in her face again.

re: Iron Deficiency Anemia- vitamin recommendation

My 17yo dd was also diagnosed with anemia in October. She is on a prescription iron supplement and is also taking extra vitamin C and B12 daily.

They will check her labs again in January to see if she needs to continue the prescription supplement or go to OTC.

In her case - it's hereditary. My two SILs and my late MIL were/are all anemic and have to take B12 shots.

re: Iron Deficiency Anemia- vitamin recommendation


Thanks for responding! It's interesting you mention that. I wish I knew more clearly family history. When it comes to health issues, it seems I never have strong information.

All I have been told is, her paternal grandmother, "Has trouble with low iron, and needs to take it to keep her iron up." Not very helpful!

How would one know if they have a B12 deficiency? She had a full lab panel done. I'll see if it's on there...

Prayers that your daughter responds well with her iron therapy, and the recheck is encouraging!


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