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re: Possible Vacation Florida...

Possible Vacation Florida...

My cousin lives in Fl and has said we could use the house sometime. (Orlando area)

When is a good time to go?

I went their many times when young, don't know if I really want to spend money at the big D world.

I would love to take the kids to the ocean, any other great ideas?

Do you have to spend a lot of money on plastic experiences like universal and bush gardens or are there some other just cool things to do?

Wouldn't mind deep sea fishing...not sure how to find that though...

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re: Possible Vacation Florida...

Deep sea fishing and a beach are not that close to Orlando. With traffic, one can expect a couple of hour drive, one way, to any beach.

So, if you are going to Florida for the ocean experience, you need to stay somewhere else.

re: Possible Vacation Florida...

We can move around a bit, that place just becomes a "home base". We are not afraid of driving either, the benefit of the house is that we can stay there some of the time and avoid having to pay for hotels the entire time.

It just helps with cost.
And it gets us there.

Editing to point out how I just read that you drive 500 miles to work, ...two hours to the beach isn't really a big deal then is it, lol...

( I know you have camper and stuff...I just found it a little ironic...but that is a good warning and I appreciate it very much! )

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re: re: Possible Vacation Florida...

I think you can find PLENTY to do when you visit without having to go to the parks.

We visited my folk in FL last Christmas. We were in Bradenton. We did drive to Orlando one day for Universal, but that was our big present to the kids. (We'd never done anything like that with them.) If I were to go again, we would probably skip it.

Mom and Dad took us to different places they like to go. We went to the beach Christmas day and had a picnic lunch. We went out to dinner that night at a fun place. They also took us to their favorite pizza place one evening - all you can eat buffet, which was great with my ds19. LOL

We drove around quite a bit, but it wasn't horrible. Oh, there was a manatee viewing place that was free. I think you could also find places/things to do like swim with the dolphins or manatees, or other such things.

It sounds like you don't mind a bit of a drive and are open to just exploring, which can end up being fun. Oh, one afternoon we went for a drive over a big bridge . . . LOL Yup, we drove over it one way, turned around, and came back across. LOL Mom and Dad thought it was fun. teehee


It's the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in St Petersburg. It was pretty neat to drive across.

Oh, h had hoped to go to Cape Canaveral.

re: re: Possible Vacation Florida...

Bearhugs, did your parents share the history of that bridge? The disaster of 1980? It IS a cool bridge to travel over, I agree, but a lot of people won’t due to its history.

If you go to Orlando, you must go once to my all-time fave restaurant - which I believe gets the highest reviews second only to the super expensive Disney Park/resort restaurants. It’s called Q’Kenan, great food, inexpensive. Get a Patacon sandwich - made with fried plantains instead of bread. Phenomenal.

Skip places like gator land, tourist traps, and if you wish to see a gator just go visit a park. Ask a local where they’ve been spotted recently.

Kennedy Space center is cool but pricey, just an FYI.

The ponce de Leon lighthouse in Daytona shores is really pretty, historic, and affordable.

Of course if you’re up for a little bit of a drive, there’s st, Augustine and the fort.

Weeki Wachee is a total tourist trap but I think everyone who comes to Florida should do it once. It’s an historic, quirky thing to see the mermaid show, and you get springs out of the way too.

If you have absolutely no better inspiration, come south to old Fort Lauderdale and visit me :)

re: re: Possible Vacation Florida...

I didn't know the history. I figured it there had to be more to it than just a bridge. lol

yeah, I was sure the space center would be pricey, like most things people want to see. It was just one of those things he had thought about doing.

I agree that there are definitely great things as long as you stay away from those typical "traps," which is what I was getting at w/ my post.

I didn't know you were down that way. I am hoping to somehow get down there in Feb - my friend from England is going to be there for a weekend, close to my folks, too. It just depends on my EMT testing and money. If we do, and I can fit it in, I would SO love to meet up!! I'll keep you posted. :)


re: re: Possible Vacation Florida...

Lizbeth, I believe Cocoa Beach is the shortest drive from Orlando because it is due east and there is a highway which goes straight between them. We've made that trip. It did not take more than an hour, and I believe it took a bit less time.

We *love* Cocoa Beach. To us it is a very special place. We stayed there in the fall (October), and got GREAT off-season discount prices. I highly recommend it at any time when it's not blistering hot in Florida. It is right by Cape Canaveral and near other popular tourist places, too.

P.S. Because you mentioned it: Relatives went to Busch Gardens (in Tampa) one year, not realizing it was built by the Busch beer company. All the publicity they had seen about it had not mentioned any beer at all. When they walked in the front gate, they were put off by a huge display of beer. They had already spent the money on tickets, so did not leave, but profusely apologized to their dc about it and knew they would not go again.

I don't know what your convictions/standards are about alcohol; that is a personal issue. I just wanted you to know this, since my relatives did not and were uncomfortable the whole time they were there. If they had known this, they would not have gone.

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re: re: Possible Vacation Florida...

Thanks that is helpful!

Oh, I thought it common knowledge that anything Bush meant beer. lol.

I am sorry your friends didn't know that. We went to a couple Bush things in St Louis and we were pleased that they also give out a free beer, lol.

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