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Prayer Requests? Please Add Them Here!

re: Prayer Requests? Please Add Them Here!

Stopped by tonight to pray for all of you and to add my own request. My mil is in the last weeks(maybe days) of her battle with colon cancer. She finally allowed hospice, but her condition is declining rapidly and we are quickly finding that her care is too physically demanding for the few people available to help. She requires 24/7 care at this point. Although we are almost at out limits, we have no other help or resources. I know we will get through it, but it is causing a big flair up with my own health issues and I'm overwhelmed as are the rest of us. I would so appreciate your prayers and will continue to lift all of you up as well. This thread warms my heart and brings me so much encouragement that we have one another to lean on.

re: Prayer Requests? Please Add Them Here!

I was going to put just a general request, but after yesterday, I really need to put some specifics out there. This holiday season is going to be particularly difficult.

1 - work
I now have a job and am taking a class to help my pay-grade. I mostly work nights, so I can still be here for the kids. I am enjoying the work and co-workers. It's a blessing and support booster for me, along with something that is stretching me, which is a bit scary at times. The class is "eh," but good. It's funny to hear all the "kids" who have no clue about life. LOL

2 - hsing
Hsing has never been smooth, but it's really hard now. To the point that I have seriously considered putting them in ps, but it goes against everything in me. Plus, they complain about things that will only be worse if they go for more than band/chorus. I'm not ruling it out but would need soooo much peace about it.

3 - family
I asked h to leave in July. The abuse over the years has left me drained and overwhelmed, plus alone and not even knowing me. And, yes, I am finally using the word abuse.

The older boys understand and recognize what has happened over the years, but oldest ds (who has faced the brunt of much compared to the other dc, and still does) has a lot to overcome. Second ds feels all the responsibility and tries to parent the younger 2 more than he should, although he did a lot of that before, too. They need a big brother, not another parent. (A mantra I have been saying for years. lol)

The youngest 2 are really having a hard time. DD really doesn't know about much of it, being a girl, and is very angry with me for making him leave. Youngest ds is really, really acting out and the blatant disrespect of me is very, very clear, even while not liking what h did. He's still so loving and I know he's hurting.

I am being blamed - by the younger 2 dc, h, and my parents (even to the kids). It's all in my lap. So, it's up to me as to how much h is around for the holidays. H doesn't see that what he's done was abusive.

4 - Thanksgiving and Christmas
I'm still feeling it all when h is around. I don't want him here, but I don't say no because of the dc and can't because of expectations. Due to the "possibility" of reconciliation far down the road, it seems like there's more interaction and less facing the reality of what is on their parts.

5 - my health (physical and mental)
I've taken care of a couple of things that really hindered functioning, so that's good. But, I have a couple of other things that have come up. I don't know what one is and can't seem to get help for it. One is iffy and I'm still trying to figure of there's something to be concerned about or not. Overall, they aren't big things, just more about my own sense of being OK and feeling good about me. (Does that make sense?) And, that I can get the right counseling for dealing with all that is right now.

Sorry I wrote so much. I may end up editing it, but for a bit . . .
It's so nice to know all of you are here and that you've been such a support over the years. (Thank you!!) I look forward to really knowing you some day.

<3 K

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re: Prayer Requests? Please Add Them Here!

bearhugs, rbairrow, and all of you.... (((((((hugs)))))))
You are loved!
Don't forget our Heavenly Father watches over us, and He has promised to give wisdom for the asking. He is our strength and shield. God bless you each one!

re: Prayer Requests? Please Add Them Here!

Please continue to remember our family in your prayers - MIL has no more than a couple of weeks left. She is already effectively gone. It was very hard for our kids to see her today but they are glad they got to say goodbye. :(

Still praying for all of you. <3

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re: Prayer Requests? Please Add Them Here!

Praying for your family, maryofegypt! (((hugs)))

re: Prayer Requests? Please Add Them Here!

Prayer Request:
That we would have friends.
Sounds so dumb, when I see it written out. I am not, after all, a fourth graders. Dh and I truly would love other couples/families to be genuine friends with.
People don't have time for that anymore.
Maybe our church is too big. Nobody seems close, but are all Facebook friends and comment on each other's photos constantly.

re: Prayer Requests? Please Add Them Here!

I am praying for all mentioned here. May God give you and your loved ones the help, strength, health, and peace needed for today.

re: Prayer Requests? Please Add Them Here!

Please pray as we go through several holidays for the first time without dh. Two birthdays, including his and anticipation of Christmas, have my special needs, grieving children in an uproar.
Some are able to listen to reason. Some are not.

My elderly mother is in the ICU with what is probably a mild heart attack. We went to visit her and several of the kids had major meltdowns. One specializes in knocking everything off of surfaces, screaming, slamming doors and disrupting life in general. She is having an average of one to two meltdowns per day and my youngest child is also having meltdowns. Or else refusing to do anything, including classwork at school. I am not ready to homeschool any of them at this time due to ongoing weekly chemotherapy which will continue into the unforeseen future.

The good news is that I am now considered to be in the maintenance stage of cancer. The hospital adopted us for Christmas and bought many gifts for all of my children.

Praying for a peaceful Christmas for everyone here.


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