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FOR SALE: Apologia BIOLOGY Instructional DVD and Notebook

FOR SALE: Apologia BIOLOGY Instructional DVD and Notebook

We switched curriculum this year due to it not fitting my student so have the following for sale.

Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd edition Video Instruction DVD's by Sherri Seligson (author of Apologia Marine Biology) these are only videos of concepts and experiements...not the track of the book for audio learners. I purchased them in hope that my student would better understand the more difficult concepts and could SEE them also .

They were viewed only thru the 1st module and by me last summer while reading thru the book to better understand how to adapt this to my virtually new

134.49$ new but will take 85$ + shipping

Apologia student notebook new 27.69$ will take 10 + shipping

this again was purchased new but used only thru module 1 and only written in can erase or use as is from that point on.

Biology-A Search for Order in Complexity new 2nd edition purchased new (33.99$) will sell for 10$ + shipping. It has a few places I underlined as I read thru it to see if would be a better fit for my struggling student.

I love Apologia but it just didn't fit my student even after modifications and he hated rather than make him deal with something I really like ( Biology major) we switched to another curriculum.

3 pet er son s @ bev comm .net

Take out the spaces and you have it...I will take check as i do not have paypal.


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