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MFW Reviews?

MFW Reviews?

I am considering MFW Adventures for my ds(8) and dd(6). I would love to hear everyone's opinion of homeschooling with MFW.


re: MFW Reviews?

My children are the same ages as yours and we are currently using Adventures. I keep telling myself that I will take time this summer after we have completed the entire curriculum and write a thorough review, but just wanted to tell you that we are loving MFW. We used SL previously and find MFW to be more our speed.
They have really grown a lot this year with all the exposure they've gotten with MFW. I'm amazed at what they can remember from all the wonderful books on the book list as well as the read-alouds. They are so proud of their US History notebooks with all their state sheets. It's not overwhelming. It's very enjoyable to use. I like the four day schedule, that gives us time to go on nature walks and we fit our piano lessons into that day, so I don't feel we are behind and trying to constantly catch up. We are definitely using ECC next year. I've already purchased it and checked my library for all the books and placed some on my wish list with paperback swap for the ones my library doesn't have. It's a great curriculum. :-)

BTW-The only thing I find that we don't use is the art program. We enjoy the music study.

re: MFW Reviews?

Adventures was one of our favorite years! It's *perfect* for that age group (IMO).

We're on our way out the door, but I'll come back later with more info.

re: MFW Reviews?

I've homeschooled with MFW for 5 years - I've used MFW K (twice), MFW 1st, and all 5 years of the history cycle. I've NOT done Adventures, b/c my oldest was too old for it when we started, *but* I have used the 2nd/3rd grade supplement to Exploration to 1850, and 1850 to Modern, which includes most of the books and things from Adventures. We LOVE MFW here! I've looked around a few times to see if there is anything that fits our educational and spiritual goals for our family better, but there's not. I love being able to combine my kids for most of our school day; I love that God is included in all our day, not just tacked on as an extra subject; I love that there is a great mix of great books, hands-on activities, and paper and pencil work (notebooking, etc); I love that there's a balance between Charlotte Mason, classical, and unit study ideas; I love that it's efficient - school does not take us allll day long (unless we have bad attitudes LOL). Oh, and I love that it's very affordable (as compared to similar programs out there). I really could go on and on. If you go to the reviews on this site and scroll wayyy back to page 10 (2006!), my review is there. It's old, but the reasons that I originally chose and loved MFW still stand.

Now, I'm NOT one that says MFW will fit every family or every situation. It won't, but for us, it's a perfect fit!


re: MFW Reviews?

I've used MFW K and 1st. I own Adventures but decided after purchasing to use MFW with my middle daughter also. We went with Explorations-1850's and I opted to use the 2nd/3rd grade supplement and we loved it. We were planning to begin 1850's-Modern but life intervened and we've been getting by on the basics.

In the Fall my 9th grader will be using the first year of MFW's Highschool AHL and my 4th grader will be using Exploring Countries and Cultures. I am SO excited about next. I just received my boxes last week but haven't had the chance to go through them yet.

MFW doesn't work for every family but for us it has been a huge blessing!

re: MFW Reviews?

We are on week 28 of Adventures (there are 34 weeks scheduled). This is my first year homeschooling my dd's (6 & 8). I have loved Adventures and the girls have learned so much!


1. The TM is fabulous. Everything is laid out for you so there is only minimal planning needed. (Mainly trips to the library which are optional, and gathering supplies for science experiments). The TM makes the minimal planning even easier because each week begins with notes on what's needed for the week. I just look it over Friday evening or Saturday morning so I can pick up whatever is needed over the weekend. I loved the weekly grid because it was easy to tweak when needed. Fridays are great because MWF only schedules math/reading/nature walk, so if you've had bad week and not accomplished as much as you'd like you can make up for it on Friday.

2. It's very Christ centered, so if that's what you are looking for you will be happy with the bi-weekly memory verses and the frequent mini bible studies. We do supplement the Bible with other devotional books but MWF does a great job teaching the basics to young children. Adventures focuses on the names of Christ and their meanings so that the little ones can see the significance in their own lives. Parables are explained in a way even small children can understand. Gee... I didn't understand most of the parables until I was in my 20's or even later. My children can explain many of them very accurately due to what they learned in Adventures (and I understand them better too!).

3. The science is often tied in with the Bible and the names of Christ which we all enjoyed. For instance when we learned about Jesus being the bread of life, we studied bread making and yeast for science.

4. History and Geography is great! My children have learned so much about our nation's early history and they really enjoyed the State's study. Even my 4 year old can name and locate many states on the US map after listening in and coloring his own state sheets.

5. The music and art is wonderful! (Deluxe Package) We really enjoyed learning about Tchaikovsky and listening to his beautiful music. Adventures also includes some study of American Patriotic music which was fun and informative. The Art book was lots of fun, though we didn't finish it all. We will work on it over the summer.

6. The list of resources in the back of the TM is terrific!!! We've never used the library as much as we have this year!

7. Combining your children for most of the school day is also wonderful!!


1. The cost. It's rather expensive especially considering that you have to buy math and language arts to complete the curriculum.

2. Most of the teaching in regards to History and Science (but especially History) is accomplished via read alouds; meaning you read the material out loud to the child. I like this approach in that it really makes learning a family activity and I love being with my children, but some children are not auditory learners and thus this teaching method is not as effective for them. My older dd does not retain as much as I'd like her to when I read aloud to her.

I hope that helps!

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re: MFW Reviews?

Wow, now that was a great review!

re: MFW Reviews?

I agree with all of the reviews above. We have used K, 1st and ADV, and I have ECC in hand, so that I can prepare to start it in July. We have been so blessed by each year of MFW and cannot recommend it highly enough!


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