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Odyssey Ware online classes.. Any info anyone??

Odyssey Ware online classes.. Any info anyone??

I just found this, and I can't see any sample classes. Does anyone know anything at all about this? Thanks!

re: Odyssey Ware online classes.. Any info anyone??

The only thing I've heard about OdysseyWare is that it is the secular version of SOS, so I would think that the interface would be similar. (And I'm not even 100% sure of that.)

re: Odyssey Ware online classes.. Any info anyone??

The last time I heard from them, their classes were not available directly to homeschoolers. You can get them through Elkhart Cyber School (

Audrey :)

re: Odyssey Ware online classes.. Any info anyone??

Oddseyware online provides coursework all the way through high school. I believe it is available through schools and is often used for credit recovery. Some online schools base their curriculum on OW. I am a teacher at one of those schools, these are my thoughts.

First the good:

Odysseyware provides a complete curriculum. If you are looking for something that covers the standards and benchmarks, then this is it.

User friendly. The course management tools available for teachers are easy to use. There is some clunkiness to getting around the site, but it is all very intuitive.

Account friendly. Schools purchase a set number of licenses and that determines how many ports are available at one time. It is not necessary to purchase a separate license for each student unless you expect all your students to be online at the same time.

Messaging System. There is an internal message system that is fairly easy to use and accessible.

The bad:
Not very customizable. You have a great video or online activity you want to share? OW doesn't really offer that kind of compatability. There is a "special project" that is somewhat customizable, but it is awkward to fit that in. You can customize units by skipping certain items, but you can't really add to it.

Glitchy. A particularly bothersome glitch that OW is unable or unwilling to resolve is a problem with student browsers timing out during test or quiz sessions. It is very difficult to get fair assessments of a student's mastery with this glitch. This has only affected OW since the 2010-2011 school year due to new policies.

Unhelpful Customer Support. The answer is usually "user error". Get used to it.

Inadequate use of available technology. OW is very text based and makes little use of available resources either through development or whatever is available on the web. There are some interactives, but limited and usually too simplistic. It is almost like handing a student a textbook and saying "here, learn this." There is great stuff available on the web now and OW is failing to keep up.

Questions. The questions tend to be multiple choice and there is actually quite a lot of true/false. True/false is ridiculous because if you set a pass threshold of, say, 60%, on the second go around, the student just changes their wrong T/F answer the correct answer. They didn't have to learn anything to do that. I would like to see more fill in the blank and short answers (which are graded by the teacher). Overall, I would say the questions need to be entirely revamped (not so true for math, especially the Geometry and Algebra II which has a better format for entering answers). OW curriculum developers need to study more on what makes for good questions in terms of assessment.

Overall, potential customers should keep shopping. Maybe OW fits you well, but don't take a first glance and land here. Keep looking.

re: Odyssey Ware online classes.. Any info anyone??

Odyssey ware is very good, but use it through a school for credits. A school can customize it- to make it more Christian-Friendly, yet college preparatory.

check out

re: Odyssey Ware online classes.. Any info anyone??

My son uses this curriculum. There is no review, alot of the questions are confusing and so it's hard to figure out the answer.
It is very dry, and actually we hate using it, but it is the only curriculum the public school will let us use, if he is going to continue playing sports. So, we are stuck for now, but highly recommend using just about anything else.

re: Odyssey Ware online classes.. Any info anyone??

We're using OdysseWare, and I hate it. There is no reinforcement for anything taught. It's just read what's on the computer for that lesson then take a quiz. This really is only good if rote memorization is a great strength and you don't care about critical thinking skills or the child remembering what he/she has been taught past the quiz.

For example, the last lesson in Social Studies was on the geography of North America. This is a 4th grade lesson. It started by stating that North America is the 3rd largest continent in the world. It extends over the Arctic Circle and comes to about 700 miles from the Equator. It comprises Greenland, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies.

It then went on about the mountain chain in the west that goes from somewhere in Canada to Mexico (can't remember its name) and the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. and Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico are part of that. It also listed a chain along the Pacific that I can't remember. Then it talked about the Appalachian Mountains in the east, and where they began and ended. There was also the Laurentian Mountains in Canada above the St Lawrence River (if I'm remembering correctly).

After that, it was the great lakes. Lake Superior is the largest fresh water lake in the world. There's 5 great lakes and the names for all were given. Then on to the Mississippi River and something else related to it. And finally when you were done reading all of that, there was a quiz to take.

This was ONE lesson for a 4th grader!! Just read and test.

Math is no better. The information is given and then a quiz directly after. There are no workbooks for the child to practice what has just been taught in order to reinforce the material. Again, just read and test.

We get this through the cyber school offered by the local school district. We won't be doing it again next year. When I asked my child what she has learned this year, her answer was, "Watches from Switzerland are expensive." That was from a Social Studies lesson on the Swiss Alps. When I asked why they were expensive, hoping she'd talk about how Switzerland is isolated between two mountain ranges, so everything has to be imported which makes everything more expensive, her answer was "because they're good watches." And that is ALL she's learned this year with this program!

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