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re: We tried CLE Math 1 with tears- Math reviews

We tried CLE Math 1 with tears- Math reviews

After reading so many +++ reviews on CLE Math , I printed some samples and started working with my son (6 yrs old) instead of his Horizons 1.

He was in tears complaining that is too much !
I compared Horizons with CLE and it is much more work . In fact I think it's way too much for a 1st grade. I looked ahead in 2nd grade and it's even more (4-5 pages !) .Also I think kids this age need color and fun things to make them do the work. CLE lacks that .

So I am still looking for a fun , colorful and spiral math . I've researched for weeks books and online , now I think I've become a specialist :-)

Abeka would fit but I heard it moves too fast .

BJU it's very colorful , interesting and fun (expensive too) but not spiral , I am concerned that my son will forget if he doesn't review . I don't like to use an extra review book. Also it's teacher intensive and I heard it's a little behind most curriculums , including public school.

I've look at Singapore too but it's too strange to me. And you have to use a textbook+workbook , maybe even a teacher guide + if you really want to cement math facts , you have to use the extra books Singapore offers.

Horizons doesn't help the teacher at all to teach .

Saxon is too boring and a little behind.

Righstart is good but not for a child who doesn't like manipulatives and in later grades you have to find another curriculum anyway .

McRuffy goes only to 3rd grade and I don't like that.

Ace or Lifepacs ...not worth talking about.

Did I miss anything?

It's incredible that with so many choices , I don't find one to like .

Do you know of any GREAT MATH that you and your dc like???

re: We tried CLE Math 1 with tears- Math reviews

Hi there,

I've used ABeka AND CLE and in my experience, in 1st and 2nd, they are both pretty much moving at the same pace. I switch out of ABeka in 3rd, because that is when I saw it beginning to move too fast. But I am VERY happy with it from K5-2nd. I just finished a year of 1st grade math, in fact. My children really really like ABeka math in 1st and 2nd grade. They love the "themes" that it's divided into, and the little songs they have for each theme, and the drawings. :o)

Rejoicing in JESUS,

re: We tried CLE Math 1 with tears- Math reviews

I appreciate your listing out what you've looked at. I myself had been on a similar hunt and totally understand your frustration.

Here's been our experience with CLE:

I had tried CLE 100 with my 5.5 year old. While she can do the work easily, she was bored and frustrated. I really think this is more a 2nd grade program but thought I already had it so wanted to give it a try. It was not for her at this time.
I ended up ordering her Spectrum Math 1 workbook to use for now and she likes that much better. (Color and short lessons)
I got this from for very cheap.

For my 7.5 year old, she is using CLE Math 100 (I believe she's light unit 103 - she began in 102). In the beginning we had tried doing one lesson a day and it was horrible. Totally agree that it's way too much for a younger children and I think this is something I personally wish they would adjust.
But I have looked and looked to find something comparable. In teaching style and presentation to child and not found anything. And boy is she zooming along with it, so I hate to change.
It seems you're finding the same in your search. What I did to get her to love this math (as she has said to me several times this week) is some tweaking to make it more manageable for her and that really did the trick.
What we do:
-We don't do any flashcard drill. What we do instead is use self checking hot dots which make it fun for her. And she can do this entirely on her own.

-We do two lessons a week. On Monday we start a new lesson, work until we get to the "I Can do this" and then she does that the following day with the speed drill as well. She likes this set up very much.

-If she's not in a writing mode, for everything but the speed drill she uses number stamps.

Not sure if that helps any but that's been our experience.
I wish you much luck on your search and do hope you'll post if you find something comparable in teaching style. As I'd love to look at that.

re: We tried CLE Math 1 with tears- Math reviews

We used Abeka for 2nd last year. It didn't move too fast for my dd, she actually finished it early because it was easy for her. I think if your child enjoys math & picks up on concepts relatively easily, he/she will do fine with Abeka.

We switched to CLE for 3rd & she enjoys it. She flew through the first light unit. I personally like that CLE has a checklist for the student before each lesson. and the speed drills are in the light second book to keep up with.

But, Abeka was a great program. It is colorful & IMO, academically sound.

ETA: We are going to be using McRuffy with my ds6 for 1st...possibly switching to CLE when the time comes.

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re: We tried CLE Math 1 with tears- Math reviews

A Beka was a good fit for us in the lower levels. I really don't think it starts moving that quickly until about the 3rd or 4th grade, even then I don't think it is that fast. I pulled DD from school in march of her 2nd grade year. She was doing 5 days of work in one day to catch her up, and she did not complain or have any difficulty [still made A's]. So, I don't think I would say A Beka moves to fast at the lower levels.

I would not say that Saxon is "behind," actually many say it is advanced. My DD used Saxon 7/6 and tested out at the 12 grade 5 month level and her stanine scores were 8 and 9. Saxon just teaches things at a different pace since it is incremental as well as spiral. By the end of the year they have learned the same with Saxon as they have with other programs, and from our experience, they have learned things that they would not have learned in others. However, we did not use Saxon at the 1st grade level, but from my understanding you use the teachers manual quite a bit along with manipulatives.

These are just my opinions and experiences with these two curriculums. I hope there is some information there that will help.


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re: We tried CLE Math 1 with tears- Math reviews

BJU's new editions have review in the lessons so you no longer have to use an additional workbook.

I am very surprised to hear that BJU is "behind". Their jr/sr high material definitely is not behind nor was 5th grade book. It could be that because it is not a spiral program it appears to be behind.

re: We tried CLE Math 1 with tears- Math reviews

I can't say enough great things about RightStart. Yes, there are manipulatives, but they are very meaningful and useful - the abacus being the main one as well as the balance (level B). The best thing about RightStart is the means of reinforcing the skills is through the games. There are some worksheets, but most of the review is done with the games. Ds dreads worksheets, but he loves the games, and it works for reinforcement of facts.

I know we will have to choose a different program in upper grades, but I feel dss will have such a strong foundation in math that they will be fine with whatever we choose later.

re: We tried CLE Math 1 with tears- Math reviews

I know you said you didn't like that McRuffy only went to 3rd, but it sounds like just what you're looking for. My dd was doing CLE and although she never complained it was too much, she was taking forever to get through it. We just started our year monday and she's already completed the first 8 lessons of McRuffy 1st. She loves it and even 2 lessons is less than 1 of CLE.

Brian Davis the author of McRuffy is working and hoping to release 4th grade sometime this year.

I've tried so many math programs for my dd and this is the only one that she finds fun. She liked some of the others but that like turned into tolerate quickly. I think McRuffy will remain fun even when we get further into it.



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