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re: Very hands-on science middle school

Very hands-on science middle school

I need suggestions! So far, we have done Exploration Education (these boys actually did the advanced when they were in third and second grades), and just about every Thames and Cosmos kit available. They are currently working on the Physics kit while reading through CLE's Agriscience book (6th grader) and Abeka's 5th grade science book (5th grader).

They are almost finished with these books. They love hands on, kit or experiment-style work. They prefer physical science stuff, but i also need to cover biology and earth science at some point.

I am considering getting the middle school Abeka science books to use as readers and getting them the EE advanced kits again as it has been 3 years since they did it and perhaps they could learn some more going through it again, and it does appeal to them very much with all the hands on, but i was wondering if there is anything I haven't seen/heard of.

So please, if you know of any hands-on science courses, doesn't matter what discipline, would you please share? Cost is irrelevant.

re: Very hands-on science middle school

Considering God's Creation.

re: Very hands-on science middle school

Have you looked at Jay Wile's elementary series? There are 4 books in the series, and each lesson is an experiment. They are very well done. The experiments are very relevant to each lesson, and explained well. The first book is the easiest, IMO, so that one might not be as interesting for your kids.

re: Very hands-on science middle school
One of my scholars did this in 7th grade. It's all available online, though I had been given a print copy at an event we attended.

Here's a review:

If you want a practical, hands on course, check to see if there is an Amateur Radio Club nearby. Obtaining a ham radio license is required of all my scholars in 8th grade.

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re: Very hands-on science middle school

Thanks everyone! I will check these out.

CC - I hadn’t even thought about ham radio - and I am a technician myself! Thanks for the ideas!

Edited to say that I have a technician license. Wanted to be clear that I don’t hold a higher license than that. Sorry!

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re: re: Very hands-on science middle school

Any of the books by Ed Sobey. These are all excellent, hands on science books for the middle school age range.

Here are a few good titles:
Young Inventors At Work! Learning Science by Doing Science, Inventing Toys! Kids having fun Learning about Science, Household Technology,
Automotive Technology,
Roadside Technology, and
Robotics Engineering.
(and there are a lot more titles to choose from)

re: re: Very hands-on science middle school

Few more ideas:
Teach Engineering website has a lot of great material:

Task cards for Science which are great for self directed learning:

Several different companies have this idea of task cards for various subjects, but science seems to be a popular one. You can do a google search for science task cards and be able to get many choices.

re: re: Very hands-on science middle school

My middle school kids love Supercharged Science!

Hands on lesson each time, you can just watch it but the extras to do it at home yourself.

My 7th grader has spent this year making all kinds of robots! 5th Grader Watched Marine biology.

Here is a rocketry lesson you can watch for free:


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