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I would reconsider the idea of him using only online classes to start with.

In our experience college online classes can be very frustrating. Not all teachers keep their Canvas portals up to date as well as others. Not all of them respond via email. If you have a problem, and you can't get through via email, and you can't find the office hours listed on the website, you will literally never have your question answered or your problem solved.

IMO I started out thinking that in-person was for later, and we'd start with online and now I feel it's the OPPOSITE. In person classes are MUCH easier to navigate and online classes should be reserved only for the experienced college student/and/or the student who really needs the class to fill in his or her requirements in time.

If you are using a private university which specializes in online learning, that would be different. Theoretically, they've honed their courses and offerings with great care, to appeal to the online learner.

BUT at a state U or community college, our experience has been that online classes are very dangerous. If you can't physically see your prof you can fall behind or have problems very quickly. Or, you can have technical issues and earn a big fat F even though you signed into a quiz, if there is a technical issue, you get an F...then you can't get a hold of the teacher...and say you can't find the office hours or location..what do you do?

There are things you can do, but what I am saying is that these experiences would not make a pleasant first-time experience IMO.

In addition to all of that the experience at the college, interacting with people has been awesome. My son really, really loves it. I would not trade that for a computer. :)

re: re: Help me think this through

Look up online free PERT testing practice. I’m sure there are some. We took the Accuplacer and there are lots of free resources/practice tests for that online.

I would contact your FPEA district representative about DE possibilities and also the Home Education office for your county. Since these DE requests do have to be approved by their office before you can enroll (at least here in Broward they do) you could ask them which colleges/universities they fill the form out for. They might have filled the form out for schools you haven’t yet learned of as a possibility.

Also, remember if you have the money, schools like Liberty University offer DE, you have to pay an arm and a leg for it, but they do have it. Many other private universities do too, so if your kiddo is eventually bound to one of those schools, check with them.

But the free options are going to most likely be well known by the county Home Education office (where you send your annual evaluation).

Also, Bright Futures requirements for homeschoolers are simply test scores and service hours, NOT class requirements. And graduation requirements do not matter for the county, ONLY the university admission requirements where your kid may go. So pay attention to those, not what public/private high schools in your area require for graduation.

Does this make sense? If not, ask away. Happy to help.

re: re: Help me think this through

Oooh I agree with CT on the online classes. This is a big reason we did NOT go with UF for dual enrollment, it’s all online. Same for our local college (used to be a CC). Again most of it is online. We wanted actual face to face in class participation, and at FAU that is all they offer for DE. I think that policy is wise. It has been great, and there is the actual human element which helps with communication, socialization (the real kind - dealing with adult communication life skills), and helps kids to stay on track since they have to physically be a presence multiple times a week In a classroom.

YMMV but ftr, I agree with CT’s advice on this. It’s been our experience as well.

re: re: Help me think this through

Thank you ladies so much! Again, these are things I would have never thought of. I definitely want the experience to be a positive one, so I won’t pursue online classes if we can help it. Or maybe I’ll find out options and let my son try both if he wants too - then he can decide. Fortunately we’ve got some time to figure things out, but time is just flying by. I’m grateful to have a loose game plan in place now. I’m also really excited! This option is one I would not have ever considered on my own :-) You all have been wonderful!!!!

re: re: Help me think this through

I am going to throw another (but similar) option in there. He could use CLEP testing instead of (or in addition to) CC or online courses. He could study at home, take the test (probably at the CC testing center) and receive college credit. We did this for many courses.


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