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One more thing - that book is great. It really helped my Dd’s to take charge of their education. It also caused them to think outside the box for opportunities related to their interests.

A concrete example: oldest dd wants to be an ornithologist. She did some digging and found out that once she DE at the university, she could help out with graduate students in the ornithology lab. Now she spends her spare time visiting wood stork nests, measuring the eggs, inspecting the babies, etc - gathering valuable experience and making great connections via networking that can only help her later when she graduates. And all this experience is totally off-limits unless she is associated with the university. She’d never be allowed to do this on her own, as these are protected species.

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re: re: Help me think this through

FYI we took a similar path with our son. Unfortunately we could not DE him on a consistent basis because our colleges are overcrowded, so he'd never get any classes. So we had to graduate him and present his certificate (like a GED for my state) in order to get regular student status.

The reason we do not wish to skip high school completely is that we don't want our kids taking remedial math at Community College. THey are both math majors, my son is a math/ComputerScience major and my dd will be a Math major. I'd rather them have a solid foundation all the way up through Algebra 2, before taking "Pre-Calc Trig for Math Majors" course at CC. My son took the regular Pre-Calc due to scheduling problems, and even that was a huge bummer. It was all review of Alg 2 and since the kids are not math majors, they are very slow and cause the class time to be very uninteresting and underproductive.

One way to solve that would be to DE everything else, continue with math at home for a few more years, and then re-take the Placement Test. They usually allow one re-take of the Placement test, but you'd need to call AND get it in writing in case the policy changes before making the decision to do it that way.

My son did 9th at home and went straight to CC full time at 15 and he loves it. My dd will probably need to finish 10th at home because of wanting her to have a better and more fun math foundation, and then she will go full time to CC in 11th. (again if we could DE consistently, she could just do math at home and DE everything else but not an option for us because of overcrowding)

My son absolutely loves his community college courses. Right now he's taking a full load of 12 credits and working two evenings per week and still has plenty of time to relax, sit around, hang with family, watch his favorite shows, and take bike well as volunteer at church. He really, really isn't overloaded.

We pray for his spiritual life, and we talk a lot about all the issues he encounters. We ALSO ARE VERY CAREFUL which ENglish and humanities we choose. You can look at the books the professor chooses, in the bookstore, to make sure your teen won't have to read something extremely inappropriate. For the arts, Art History, or Music classes are usually a safe bet. So far we have not had any major issues. Of course there have been philosophical issues, (one teacher was an avowed communist) but that only strengthened my son in hsi own beliefs and since she did allow Free Speech, he was able to engage and present a counter-argument for every point.

Your son also has to be ready to know how to speak politely to professors when he has a problem, and even a dispute, with respect and politeness. And accept that sometimes zeros happen, and it' all part of the learning process!

You do also have to be very involved with choosing classes, making sure they get things in the proper order, meeting with counselors etc. at first. After all, the system is designed for people over 18 who are, theoretically, independent. So I went to the first counselor meeting and was involved when he had a problem with a teacher during an online class. I also help him choose classes wisely and double check his schedule each semester. But after the first meeting, I allow him to meet with the counselor alone now, as I feel he knows what questions to ask.

Another issue is that they might run into "interesting" situations such as people smoking pot on the edge of campus, the girls can get hit on by older guys, working with veterans in group projects who are three times their age, just different life scenarios....and they need to be emotionally prepared to deal with these things drama-free. (which is also why my dd needs another year or two.)

Hope this helps!

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re: re: Help me think this through

Agreeing again with everything calmingtea said.

I wouldn’t want to DE if it meant remedial courses - ie courses that wouldn’t count toward a major. So, if your child is t strong in something, better to work on it at Home First and then have them DE for the classes when he’s ready. In my dd’s’ case she tested into College Algebra, which was the first class needed for her major (biology). Second dd is finishing up Saxon algebra 2, with the hopes of testing into Calc for business majors (which is the first math she needs for international business).

Also agreeing with the unique situations. Much older people, sometimes a clash of values (see my post on Amelie further down) and a need to be able to communicate with professors. However, I do want to say that all these things are excellent life skills and I am so grateful to have the opportunity now, while she’s still at home, to have her face them. These have matured my dds so much, refined their faith, instilled such s sense of responsibility and a drive to look after oneself, to promote and defend oneself when applicable (I mean this in a mature and responsible way - see my Followup post in the Amelie thread).

I have really felt like we are not “playing life” but actually “experiencing life” in all its glory and ugliness and it has really been a good thing for them.

Also, I want to say that in no way am I knocking anyone who chooses a different path. We must all do what we feel is necessary and certainly my life situation is not someone else’s. I am just trying to give you a feel for someone who chose differently the homeschool high school path, and it has been a huge blessing.

Oh, one downside, is that the university is about 45 minutes away in city traffic and I drive that 3 times a week. I also have to homeschool the other 4 kids while there, which that part has been a blessing too in that it has made them more independent in their studies which has matured them. But...the driving is onerous LOL.

re: re: Help me think this through

One more thing - it’s totally cool that CT’s son is able to DE 12 credits a semester. Unfortunately for us, we are only to DE at the university for a max of 8 credits per semester which is two classes at most. But that’s ok for us, bc while it means we can’t blow through college too quickly, it still allows us to finish high school with (roughly) and AA equivalent, and since they are unable to do more than that, they are afforded lots of extra time to pursue other interests and hang with family.

I suggest starting slowly and seeing how much can be easily handled while maintaining the lifestyle you desire for your kid. For us, two classes per semester is perfect.

(I’m pretty convinced CT’s son is a genius!)

re: re: Help me think this through

Wow. What a wealth of information!! Thank you all so very much! We are in FL currently. The local CC allows dual enrollment beginning in 10th grade. We have no other options (as far as I know), as I live in a very rural area.

We would definitely continue with math at home & at a high school level. Public school left quite a few gaps in math, so we started this year with pre-Algebra again to solidify his foundation.

I really like the idea of doing 9th grade traditionally & then enrolling for two college classes per semester. We could manage those along with traditional homeschool math at his grade level.

I definitely need to sit down and look at our graduation requirements & compare them to the school classes offered to see how that all works together.

It all sounds very doable though!

I seriously cannot thank you all enough! You have given me ideas that seriously would have never even crossed my mind. And my favorite part is it all sounds so manageable, leaving room for my son to still pursue his own interests.

I’m very, very grateful!!

re: re: Help me think this through

Yay Eliza!

FWIW I am originally from FL and one of my best friend's daughters did exactly as you describe and finished most of her high school courses as DE, and then got a great scholarship to Union University in TN. She even had time to work several days per week to save up for college at the Palm Beach County Library which hires students as young as 15. It was a very unique and special experience, and I am very proud of her, she rode her bike in all the humidity and heat several miles to school and took the bus back, and rode her bike to work as well. One time she got stuck in a downpour so bad they let her go home to change and her grandfather gave her a lift back to work. :) and she survived and it all gave her great life experience to be more ready for going away to college.

This is another reason why we chose to really pursue early community college....we've seen a lot of benefits from it with the people we know.

re: re: Help me think this through

Glad to be able to spread the wealth of info that was given me! Also happy to hear you are in FL. Ok, so I have no idea what county you are in but go here and see if UF’s online DE is an option for you. It is for me, but we chose not to go this route bc we wanted the ornithology Dept at FAU as an option. But here is the website, and perhaps it is an option - although it’s not widely circulated as an option:

There may be other options too that you aren’t familiar with - I suggest research, research, research!! Not to talk you out of CC, seriously, but just to make sure you realize there could be more options. Just out of curiosity, you aren’t in Suwannee, are you? We have a home there, but our home base is in Broward (way at the bottom!)

Glad to help you, fellow Floridian!

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re: re: Help me think this through

Thank you all again!!

We live in NW Florida. I really wish there were online classes he could take, that would be wonderful! I have no idea who to contact to find out all of the options for our county. As far as I know, our local community college is all that exist. Should I contact the school superintendent? I would much prefer him being home and working via the computer.

I’m going to sit down over the weekend and look at graduation requirements and classes offered. Also, should I buy a PERT testing guide? Will he need to pass the math portion of that too, even though he won’t take college level math classes? Thanks again!!


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