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re: re: re: Science. Apologia frustrated

There really aren't any alternative study guides or summaries unless I create them. I was hoping an alternate resource was out there for these 2 areas.

I have one resource to consider, in a moment with the link...

I think the first half of General is way harder than the second half.

I found the module summaries (the ones in the appendix) to be fill in the blank stuff. Go find it from the chapter.

The study guide: I've said this already, but maybe not this way. When my students and I checked this, we started with the underlined part, then if that was wrong, we read the rest of the paragraph out loud to learn why the answer was right.

other resources to consider: if you can deal with yahoo groups, there are still "archived" (not really active) groups for apologia science where you might find something. Maybe you could use
"alternate test" as a study guide???
here (you have to have account to get there. sorry about that)

if you have to sign up with a throw away yahoo email to access it might be ok. yahoo groups are frustrating to use these days. but those files are still gems.

but maybe if you study from the alternate form of the test and do it as a game/quiz show style together???

((hugs)) for the frustration you are having. I have one child who can't do wordy stuff due to disabilities in language. The other two worked through apologia to learn how to deal with harder things. But I know some people never get apologia to work, so you're not a bad person if you quit.

Although it won't be specific to the study guides, you may benefit from using free stuff on quizlet for apologia.

wish I had a better help for you on different way to see the answers.

re: re: re: Science. Apologia frustrated

Good ideas! I did get the alternative tests emailed to me from Apologia over the weekend. I could use that as fill in the blank. Ideas are great. I found Donna Young, but it's not free.

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re: re: re: re: Science. Apologia frustrated

I don't really remember anything on the donna young site with general that was important. Back whenever it was, that site was free. There was a notebooking sheet for taking notes on module 1 of the famous people. (it was a picture of famous person, and then lines to write your own paragraph summary from the text.). and one of the anatomy modules... a way to take notes on skeleton.

maybe there was other stuff on there? lesson planner (but those are other places.. check that yahoo group if i recall correctly), and maybe something about make a lab notebook. (same info that is in the apologia solutions manuals basically. check the intro about lab notes.)

I wouldn't worry on donna young thing. even when it was free, I wasn't going there to make apologia work.

hmmm.. I don't think the curr click lapbook journals have much for what you're looking for.

I had forgotten donna young existed. blush.

that's all I got. if it doesn't get better in second half, then run from physical science apologia. seriously. I say that as someone who did ok with apologia.

re: re: re: re: Science. Apologia frustrated

calmingtea: Signed her up for an online class through CurrClick (wonderful lady teaching apologia) and I think her grade is already looking better....sometimes having someone draw out the more pertinent, or more difficult concepts in one one-hour lecture re


Edit to update: as of 2/20/18, this is the last semester that curr click will offer live classes. that was just announced.

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One thing that drives my kids batty about Apologia is the study guides and tests. So I don't even assign them anymore for General and Physical. They just read, answer the OYO, do experiments and it's much more enjoyable. We can also cut science down to 3x a week this way. Not sure if this is an option for you, but just thought I would mention it.

re: re: re: re: Science. Apologia frustrated

ErinD Perfect! That is what my husband suggested and I'm confident that this will be our best option. Thank you


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