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Apologia frustrated with study guide

Their study guide drives me crazy because dd can't come up with their answers half the time and I'm not going to rewrite the answer key. It's very wordy. What to do? (In general science now. Physical science will be next year)

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re: Science. Apologia frustrated

Is she at least coming up with similar wording to the underlined parts of the answers? Or not even close to it?

The other answer is just switch products. :) ((hugs))

re: Science. Apologia frustrated

adding on a bit:

The underlined part is the important part to be close to. Does not have to be exact wording. The rest of the answer in study guide is an explanation of why the underline part is the answer.

and with the study guide, it's totally ok to look back in the reading. You're studying. :)

re: Science. Apologia frustrated

I wish there was a better study guide answer key that gave simplified answer. Some of this wordy stuff has me going huh?

You're right about the underlined parts. That's going well.

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re: re: Science. Apologia frustrated

I read the solutions out loud and that helped me to hear it better and comprehend.

You might want to find someone in your area to work with and do it as a group. (even 2 families is a group)

((hugs)) for the frustrating thing. I'd love to be able to have the right words that encourage you that slowing down and working together is a good thing. Hard isn't bad. don't give up. There were times I helped my "slow to average IQ" middle kid (disabilities in processing) work through Wile's materials. Oldest could handle read and learn on your own. MIddle could not. She got to use the audio mp3 of the text. We worked together on on your owns and study guide. I even splurged in General Science and bought the pre printed lapbook materials from knowledge box. (this was before apologia made their own student journal). We did not use the lapbook as a lapbook to make with all the moving parts. But instead used the sheets to write down answers and interact.

I also used online quizlet things to help with vocab. And didn't get too stressed out over having the answer key perfectly match nor did I feel the need to rewrite.

Like I said, if that's too much work to "learn how to learn", and no live class options are available, then use Abeka or something else.

re: re: Science. Apologia frustrated

We also don't love Apologia. I posted my frustrations last week, so if you look up that thread, there were some great ideas for high school science. You might want to check out Friendly Biology and Friendly Chemistry. A lot of people also suggested ACE for science. Personally, we are trying DIVE Integrated Chemistry and Physics (aka physical science) and I'm hoping we love it so we can continue to use DIVE for the rest of high school. DIVE allows you to pick which publisher's textbook you want to use, as they've written a syllabus/schedule for tons of different ones. You read the info in the textbook, then watch a lecture and answer the questions. All the answers to the questions are also on the CD-ROM, so the kids check their own work. All the labs are performed for you, while you fill out the lab report while watching if you choose not to do the labs yourself. We've just started, so I can't give you my personal review on it yet. But I know we definitely won't go back to Apologia.

re: re: Science. Apologia frustrated

I think Kanda's suggestion of having a DVD lecture or online teacher is a good one, in addition to cbollin's suggestion of slowing down and reading aloud together :)

My dd was in a co-op and was getting 100% on everything. The co-op only met for an hour and a half on Fridays and my dd kept up with all her reading, studying, note-taking and vocab on her own, as well as writing lab reports.

We had a major disagreement with the teacher (a minor disagreement/request and the teacher blew it out of proportion and apparently has a reputation of losing kids every year over hte same issue...)

So my dd finished the semseter on her own and did all the same studying, all the same reading and all the same note-taking, and YET she got a C and D and had to re-take both tests! I was shocked.

Signed her up for an online class through CurrClick (wonderful lady teaching apologia) and I think her grade is already looking better....sometimes having someone draw out the more pertinent, or more difficult concepts in one one-hour lecture really helps those things stick!

I guess what I am saying is that for some kids who don't do well with the wordiness, having that one hour of focused lecture on the most important concepts could really be a help :)

re: re: Science. Apologia frustrated

Dd keeps up with the schedule very nicely, actually. Slowing down wouldn't be the fix. The on your own guestions and experiments are fine. It's those tricky answers from the study guide and summary. Apologia takes a paragraph and runs around the bush to design an answer to the question. There really aren't any alternative study guides or summaries unless I create them. I was hoping an alternate resource was out there for these 2 areas. I don't like it when publishers want to make things more difficult than they need to be. I mean, Notgrass tests and such are set up like I like them. Find answer, next question. I'll check out some things in reply and also find that thread. Thanks!

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