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re: Switched on Schoolhouse High School

re: re: Switched on Schoolhouse High School

You can buy Monarch as individual courses for English and History stuff. You don't have to do 5 subject monthly/yearly thing.

Monarch English 9: currently showing 90 dollars
SOS English grade 9: same price. which is a 10% discount from full retail. but January is the month of those one day pop up flash sales where you can get 20% retail. I forget the other month they do that?

I think you get 18 months access with monarch for individual courses.

If you go ahead and start the free trial now, you might be interested in knowing...

Homeschool buyer co-op's one day flash sale that Alpha Omega lets them have will be
Special Notice: Great news! Mark your calendar for Tuesday, January 9th, for the Co-op's 20% off One Week Sale for Alpha Omega curriculum! You are welcome to purchase now, or, wait until our sale
source of that info:

that applies for the year 2018 in case someone looks at this way down the road.

and if I recall correctly, you can order with the discount price but wait to activate it so you don't lose any of your 18 months.

But if price is the issues between Monarch and SOS, wanted to share that info I've learned over the years. I'm not 100% positive how it works with HSBC and individual subjects this year. It's work with 20% in past.

but Christian books will get a one day AOP sale . maybe other retailers do as well. and then AOP itself offers some discounts.

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re: re: Switched on Schoolhouse High School

I had no idea monarch could be purchased as individual classes. Thank you! That is great to know!!!

re: re: Switched on Schoolhouse High School

I should have included a link to english grade 9 individual

the 30 day free thing is for the full subscription, which includes that course.

(eta: and yes, if it's individual course, it's 18 months from activation, which does not have to be the same day as purchase)

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