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re: Math problem question:

Math problem question:

Find: |-13|

My daughter is taking the Readiness Assessment Test that Math-U-See has asked that I give her before she is accepted into their online Math class. This is the first problem on the test.

She answered it: 13

Math-U-See has: 34

This is "determining the absolute value of a number".

There are only 10 problems on this test that is being used to determine her readiness to take their online Algebra 1 class. I am a bit concerned that only 10 problems will determine if she is ready. I am more upset that 10% of her grade is determined by a problem that is incorrect.

Am I missing something?

re: Math problem question:

If that's the complete problem, your dd is right and MUS is wrong. How weird! Ten questions on a placement test doesn't seem like enough to me either.

re: Math problem question:

I would contact their customer service about this.

We did the algebra 1 readiness assessment a few weeks ago and the first problem was not |-13| but |-34|.

Maybe you have one version of test and they forgot to update the answer key for that??

Honestly, contact them. You're not missing something. It sounds like some issues with the website or version 1 vs 2 of the test.

and to the issue of enough problems... the whole placement test with their stuff seemed odd to me. but that's another issue.

re: Math problem question:

"If that's the complete problem,"

Yes that is the exact problem.

1. Find: |-13|

I understand they are human and errors occur. It just floored me that this was the very first problem out of only 10 problems total.

re: Math problem question:

"I would contact their customer service about this."

I called Sue Wachter earlier and left a message.

"We did the algebra 1 readiness assessment a few weeks ago and the first problem was not |-13| but |-34|."

Ok, I just got off the phone with MUS. I spoke with Sandra and then the school dept. at MUS and was told their sheet showed |-34| as well. I offered to send her an email of what Sue sent me but she just said she believed me. Sue is on vacation thru this week. I assume she sent us an old version maybe.

"and to the issue of enough problems... the whole placement test with their stuff seemed odd to me. but that's another issue. "
I asked for a completely different test and one with enough questions to really determine if my child was ready. In my opinion 10 questions was just not varied enough to know.

re: Math problem question:

34 vs 13. cue the twilight zone theme song , huh?

this:I assume she sent us an old version maybe.
me: well at least you did your good deed for the day and let them know about the issue so it's fixed for next week for other people. online homeschool Hero of the hour is Melissa. (fan fare)

my rant???
I had a different glitch with the results.( (on the pre alg side, part of it was saying how you got the answer and various points were given for that. well, what if you have a child with limited verbal ability due to autism, but getting the problems correct. is verbal ability a requirement for math? shake my head and have a little finger snap tantrum I did. oh yeah. LOL.

rant off.
But I wasn't trying to get into one of their classes, so I chilled out. If I go with mus, it would be at home. In my case, I took the time to browse the text at a local church's library (they have a homeschool reference section and MUS alg 1 is there. how interesting, right?) I'm still trying to figure out if those specific 10 problems are enough to be ready enough. I don't know. But I'm not doing a class with them. so. meh.

anyway, hope you get it sorted through. (hugs)

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re: Math problem question:

Is there another online assessment available to test readiness for Algebra 1?

Currently we give our kids the Christian Liberty Cat 5 (1970's version) test. I have thought about switching but then I realize I won't know how well they improved from one year to the next.
I guess this year I could give them the Cat 5 and then maybe try a different test. What do you all use?

Here is why I have thought about switching.

Last year my 7th grader took the test and scored a grade equivalent of 10.0 on the Mathematics (Computation) portion. That was a 76 Percentile and a 7 Stanine. She scored a 13.3 grade equivalant on the Mathematics (Concepts & Problems) with a 93 Percentile and an 8 Stanine. Meaning she could only have scored one more level to be at the highest scoring level of the stanine. However she has never taken Algebra 1 or 2, Geometry, or Pre-Calculus. So how can that be?
Oh and in 6th grade she scored a 9 stanine so she actually dropped slightly in 7th grade. Keep in mind she took Level #4 both times since that is how the CAT works so this was the exact same test.


I would really love to have an accurate picture of where my kids are academically. I see what they can do and where they struggle however I would just like a good way to guage where they stand against other kids their own age.

re: Math problem question:

so you weren't using the MUS test to place in their algebra program? That test is designed to be sure the student has the necessary skills to place in to Algebra 1 - not that they've mastered the Algebra 1 skills. Same thing could be said for Teaching Textbooks placement tests. Well, I guess that would be all placement tests. I also don't think taking the Algebra 2 placement test - to see if they are ready for that level, would necessarily equal them having mastered Algebra 1. Each company is so different in their scope and sequence which is why it is never an easy decision in switching programs.

Now if you want to know whether they've mastered Algebra 1 skills you might take a look at a local community college placement test and see if they offer free tests. I know that sounds crazy but they typically test for basic math skills and then work up through the levels of math until too many mistakes are made. Some CC's provide sample tests with answers on their websites. Might be an option.


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