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Life of Fred Financial Choices

Life of Fred Financial Choices

I just discovered this while I was browsing CBD's website. Has anyone used or looked at it yet? The topics look good, but that's all I've looked at so far.


re: Life of Fred Financial Choices


I haven't used it yet, but I just bought it. I plan to preview it over next few days to see what I think. It's style that my middle daughter might laugh at to keep discussion light. It probably want change my plans to use other materials as spine/workbook, but could be a neat element. don't know yet.

anything I can look for that you might want to know a bit more?

re: Life of Fred Financial Choices

thoughts so far... I read the book this week.

I would place it in the category of materials used for thinking about becoming a small business owner someday.

it's high school level. if you haven't done algebra 2, you can still use the book, even the few sections that he says just skip this.. you can read over it and glean that section.

not much in the way of exercises in this book - much more about thinking questions in the chapters that do have "now your turn" exercises.

chapters are very short... most of the book is of course following a story of Fred. He is thinking of someday leaving Kittens University and starting his own university instead. it doesn't happen at end of the book b/c the story line doesn't really cover much time in fred's life. so it's not going to be this success at the end of book story, but more of the planning picture of business start up and failure and getting back up.. etc.

not really sure what I think about the book after first reading. it didn't take a lot of time to read this book.

it feels like a piece of the big picture, but definitely not the only thing one would use for a high school personal finance class. it didn't feel personal finance. it felt more of thinking ahead if you would start your own business someday with goal of retire in 24 years.

edit to add: book touches on accounting concepts of assets vs liabilities.

what specifics would be helpful to you?

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re: Life of Fred Financial Choices

That really helped and only left me with one question. Do you feel it would be helpful for someone already self-employed and already keeping financial records including taxes?

re: Life of Fred Financial Choices

for someone self employed, doing taxes, and keeping records.. hmm.. well, ok a few years ago, that would have been me. what did I glean with that mindset if I project back? In that mindset, it may not have been much more than the typical motivational book out there. There was some stuff to glean about when it is time to hire someone to help as business grows. seemed very basic on it. thinking about the cost of hire and cost of taxes on that, etc.

other things that might be in there if you don't already have a book covering it: thinking about what you like in terms of where you want to live/work, etc. along the lines of would you rather be in a big city or rural, public transportation easy, or must have a car... because all of that will influence decisions you make.

some discussion was on present value of money, so you can look that up. small mention of types of gov't and how that impact a business (not enough to call it an econ class.. or gov't class).
warnings on being in long term welfare mindset.

the author gives his story (vs Fred's) about how he bought and sold real estate in the 70's or 80's when it was low low low...

It's one those books that I'd borrow for 3 weeks and return it rather than keep it for semester. It's not bad stuff .
it's just that everything seems to be lightly touched on with a lot of Fred story, almost like this book could be reduced to at most 2 workshops at a conference... just enough to touch on topics and get intro on stuff. it reads like sound bites and tidbits. then in few places goes a little longer. (that makes it sound blah, doesn't it? but my point is that it's not long drawn out discussion, and isn't designed as full lecture for semester)

So I know I'd get a longer book on more topics, which actually is one of the things "fred" does with his "spend 5000 hours getting informed" to make a decision.

wish we lived close then. You could buy it used from me half price.

re: Life of Fred Financial Choices

LOL. I wish we lived closer. She could borrow it for an afternoon, read it and give it back to you by supper time. :)

Thanks for your help. I think i'm going to pass on this one.

re: Life of Fred Financial Choices

ok, it took me about that amount of time to read it too.

I'm sure I can make it last 10-15 days for my middle daughter. ok, 15 is a huge stretch... but then I can sell it.

it has nice topics to discuss. :)

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