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Applecore/HLA question

Applecore/HLA question

If we don't go with HLA and just do applecore, is apple's grading scale the same as HLA? (or do you make your own scale?)

Thanks for any info!


re: Applecore/HLA question

I think the question you are asking is:

when the transcript is printed, what grading scale is the default, and can individuals make their own grading scale?

Have you contacted applecore with this technical support question?

I can try to answer this based on playing with how applecore is set up in my HLA account, but it will not tell me what is available to non HLA users.

let's do it this way, with screen shots from applecore help file

from this screen shot, Michelle,
and this

I can see that applecore has a A+ with a 5.0 option. and has a place for gpa issues.

HLA doesn't do 5.0 scale on A+. and in my HLA, we do not have that screen shot with "grades, course info, GPA". instead of GPA tweaking of scale, we have a place specific to HLA for "notes" and have instructions about that (per our school needs).

So... I'd think if you use it as an individual, you will have that ability to determine your grading scale based only on the non HLA applecore screen shot linked above in the help section.

please confirm it with applecore. I don't think there are a lot of general public users of applecore system at this point. hopefully the one or two out there at this point (it wasn't released all that long ago) are also here.

but from the general to public screen shots on help side, and the HLA customized, I do not think that you are bound to HLA's way if you are not enrolled through them.

I don't guarantee that. But this screen shot for general use

is not the same thing that HLA people will get. We have a different help menu to deal with our stuff, so it's tweakable for the school to disable some issues so there is consistency in the school. But I doubt that school's scale is mandatory for those outside of hla.

re: Applecore/HLA question

However, if the real question you are asking is:

if I use applecore and am not with HLA, and my child gets a 93% in the semester, do I have to call that a B, if I grade on 90-100 is an A?

is that the question you have? I have a strong feeling that you will be able to customize that way based on this

If I were you, I'd keep contacting applecore directly and ask for a sample of transcript printed for individual and ask "is there a default setting for grading scale when a transcript is printed, or can I customize it to the percentages I prefer"

re: Applecore/HLA question

Thanks for the help, cbollin.

I signed up for applecore without HLA due to the HLA grading scale. I got the gold membership and have been working on
DS's account this morning. So far, so good.

I didn't see a number to call Applecore, but I will recheck.

Thanks for the help!

re: Applecore/HLA question

I don't see a phone number either. I can see a leave a reply on blog comment...

I can see a contact us by web form

maybe if you use that link they might call you if you request it?

part of the thing with applecore, is they are really new to the general public. HLA has only had it working for a few months. I was surprised when The OldSchoolHouse was promoting applecore. It's possible that it will take some time for applecore to get back toyou? I don't know.. I just know this time of year is swamped for most stuff with school.

re: Applecore/HLA question

Yeah, it seems like I'm on my own with navigating it.
My techy hubby should be able to help me out though.
I did get this year's information put in. Now, I just need to
enter some grades.


re: Applecore/HLA question

maybe after walking away from the screen it will be easier. I know somedays are like that in my brain.

I was able to transfer over years of records without much difficulty, It took entry time. But it was click and pull down menus.
If you have a high schooler, maybe you can assign the high schooler to do it, and watch over shoulder. or get some chocolate and come back to it in a few hours.


re: Applecore/HLA question


one other option. You like forums, or you wouldn't ask here for help. It might take a bit longer than the way things move on HSR, but applecore does have a Support Forum.

not a lot of traffic. Maybe that would help though? maybe Tyler will see it and help you with the stuff?

you could be one of the first on that forum :)


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