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What are you doing for 10th grade?

re: What are you doing for 10th grade?

So far this is what we'll be doing, although it is not all planned yet.

Apologia Biology
AOP Lifepac Spanish 1
AOP Lifepac Health / I still need to think through options for PE
MUS Geometry
Either Streams of Civilization 2 for history or Beautiful Feet US & World History for history & lit.
World Map activities
If I go with Streams for history, I will either use LIghtning Lit. Or LLatl Gold for literature
I am thinking of using IEW Elegant Essay or Jensen's format writing or something else.

Another alternate plan is to use Starting Points world view curriculum for Bible and Lit. And stick with Streams for history.

My dd will also continue piano.

re: What are you doing for 10th grade?

for my daughter:

MTMM history and Bible with 2nd half of BJU to beef it up instead of the extensions (except the DVDs)

Pacworks chemistry paces and CHEM 101 plus just reading through the new apologia elementary physics/chemistry since her younger brothers are doing it

English--finish Windows to the World, IEW SWI C (some), EG Ultimate 10, Vocabulary Cartoons 2, 3 CLE grammar units--I just can't give up the more intense grammar completely.

Math-U-See Geometry

Rosetta Stone Spanish--We will be splitting a two year credit over three years I think.

Economics in a Box 1/2 credit

Home-ec I am putting my own together

She takes art, violin, and guitar lessons, and we attend several symphonic events at a local college---fine arts I guess.

re: What are you doing for 10th grade?

My DD will be using:

Bible: The Most Important Thing (OT)
Math: TT Algebra 2
English: Easy Grammar Ultimate, IEW - SWI B, Vocab Cartoons
(1st Sem) Notgrass World Lit (part 2)
(2nd Sem) PAC World Geography (part 2)
Literature: Abeka World Lit, Selections from Notgrass Lit pkg.
Science: PAC Biology, Biology 101, co-op lab class

German (Powerglide?)
CLE Home Ec.
Total Health


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