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re: PAC Integrated Chem Physics and HOD

PAC Integrated Chem Physics and HOD

Can I ask for your thoughts on this? I see that the new HOD guide for high school, being released this fall, uses the PAC Integrated Physics and Chemistry course by Tiner. I had been looking at that one for my son. I noticed that in the HOD guide they will cover this entire course in one school year and then only assign 1 credit for it. With labs.

I thought this was intended to be a two-year course, and at the minimum you would assign two credits, plus a half credit for each year of labs ~ a total of 3 credits to complete this course. When I was in high school, every lab science course counted as 1.5 credits, and I know some places, such as Seton Home Study, still assign credits this way.

If you've used the PAC course with labs, can you share how you handled the credits, especially if you did two years worth of labs?


re: PAC Integrated Chem Physics and HOD

I did just the Physics paces with my son because we had done several chapters in Apologia Physics and just needed to round out a credit without finishing the Apologia Physics book.

I think that 2 credits for the PAC would be quite generous, but others may disagree. PAC is not a strenuous course. No schools in my area give extra credit hours for labs. They are just expected with certain courses.

Considering my experience, I would agree with HOD. You could keep track of hours and see how long it took your child and award credit that way.

re: PAC Integrated Chem Physics and HOD

My son is doing the Physics portion this year. He also did the 2-day Landry Physical Science labs. I think it's a great course, covers a lot of good material, but, in my opinion, it's more of a Physical Science than Physics.

We're counting it (plus the 2 days of labs) as 1.5 Physical Science credits.

I didn't purchase the Chemistry half, so I can't comment on that.

re: PAC Integrated Chem Physics and HOD

I'm planning on my 11th grader using this full course next year (not with HOD). It is my understanding that 6 of their little textbooks equals one credit. There are 12 for the full course. In comparison, ACE has 12 little workbooks, but from what I can see, the PAC texts have about twice as many pages of reading material. I would have no problem giving a credit for chem and a credit for physics, especially if the proper credit time was in play for the almighty "credit hour" and if separate lab work was done as well. We're using it alongside Chem 101 videos.

It's not meant to be an agressive, rigorous course, like some others out there, which is EXACTLY why we're using it, and I think the reason that it's so popular is b/c it doesn't get extremely heavy in the math dept, but rather "lights a fire" for the serious student to want to know more if they have a science interest. I see it as laying an adequate foundation and then some for the average student. Cathy Duffy recommends more serious study for the serious college student who plans to go into a science-related field eventually, but she also gives a favorable review of this course. I like that it tends to be a unique course with more of a story feel to it, which is probably why HOD is using it. As I read samples, I find myself drawn by the content, which is unusual for me and those topics of science. LOL

ETA: Also consider that many of the larger "schoolish" textbooks out there never get finished due to being so BIG! Perhaps if one actually *finishes* all of this course with a few extras added in (which seems to be what HOD is doing), then it seems to me like it would all balance out in the end. KWIM?

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re: PAC Integrated Chem Physics and HOD

We're currently using PAC Integrated Chem/Phys
and I will count 2 credits for the course.
1 credit Chem
1 credit Phys

I will not count additional lab credit because normally labs do not count for additional credit. It's expected during some science courses. I guess that depends on your state and how they count them.

re: PAC Integrated Chem Physics and HOD

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

Last night I pulled out some of my resources here & checked out some of the accredited schools again to see what they do. It was helpful to know that places like Seton Home Study and Oak Meadow, etc., do count a lab science class as 1.5 credits. (Although some schools don't. Heaven forbid we find consistency in these things!) I pulled out my copy of "College-Prep Homeschooling" and noted the science sequence of credits they suggest for a total of 5 science credits:

1.0 Physical Science (no lab)
1.0 Biology
0.5 Biology Lab
1.0 Chemistry
0.5 Chemistry Lab
1.0 Physics (no lab)

Clearly, it can be done different ways on a transcript, but it comforts me to know I'm not completely out of the ballpark. I think the PAC course could easily be counted as a minimum of 2.5 credits if it is done with labs; perhaps 3 credits. It seems to me that 120-180 hours will just be spent on study time each year. Then doing the 36 labs (time to set up, perform, document in lab reports, clean up) would be at least an additional 60 hours to the textbook study time, therefore worthy of an additional half credit.

At least with that Homeschool Helper app we got for the iPad, we do enter in the exact amount of time spent on each subject each day and can access the total. It only takes a second to do. That way, as we go, I can adjust if the extra .5 credit isn't warranted. He'll be way over the number of credits needed to graduate anyway. (Believe it or not, you only need 16 credits to graduate from HS in Maine!)

Nancy, thanks so much. I think we’re on the same page with this. I want him to have a firm foundation, but he does not plan on pursuing science after high school. Naturally, at the high school level you have to tailor and make choices. Without a doubt, he needs to work on his writing skills more than he needs to blaze forward with a ridiculously challenging call-it-AP-if-you-want-to science sequence. When making choices for this coming school year, my son and I ask ourselves, “Will we actually be able to do this? And stay sane?” This fits our criteria! LOL I was thrown for a minute when I saw how HOD was scheduling/counting credits for this course, but it’s good to hear I can use it as the publisher intended.


re: PAC Integrated Chem Physics and HOD

“Will we actually be able to do this? And stay sane?” This fits our criteria! LOL

Yes, mine too! We were not remaining sane with Apologia Chemistry and Physics. That is why I looked at other options as well.

I was thrown for a minute when I saw how HOD was scheduling/counting credits for this course, but it’s good to hear I can use it as the publisher intended.

Of course you can. You are the mom and teacher!

re: PAC Integrated Chem Physics and HOD

We're using just the Chemistry portion this year, so far so good.

I was wondering what labs HOD did along with PAC? I tried to find it on their website but couldn't. I'd like to incorporate some labs, but don't reall have a clue as to what!

Thanks for any help... I know this isn't related to the original question :)

Louise in WA


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