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re: SOTW ?


My sister has a couple of these that she offered to me. Before I consider putting them on my shelf for dc to just read, I would like to hear your responses if you care to share.

I have looked at some reviews on these and some samples and never bought them because I was just unsure.

Some reviews say they have some historical inaccuracies in them. Do you know if this possibly true? I am really not wanting to put something before them with errors as I personally am not trusting my own history knowledge to be able to weed through.

What do you think of them?

re: SOTW ?

I bought all of them, read them, and gave them away. I found some things in them inaccurate or not in line with our beliefs. However, I know tons of people who use them and love them. Some, just don'tlet their dc read them alone. They are used as a read aloud and they just skip or correct as needed. So, really I think it is just personal preferance.

re: SOTW ?

The thing is, you would be hard pressed to find any history curriculum that is 100% accurate. It's just an impossible much of history is hypothesises, based on pieces and fragments of hearsay, who's side of the story you hear, artifacts, putting puzzle pieces together, often with missing pieces.

We are using SOTW, our third attempt, lol. Hated reading the book, but the audio version has been a big hit here so far.

re: SOTW ?

At our house: we bought the CDs for SOTW and I morally and Biblically didn't agree with the beginning of the story. I couldn't get past that part, we threw it in the trash and moved on to Mystery of History. We've been happy with that, and even have one child who LOVES to read it (but she will read anything!)

re: SOTW ?

I never used volume 1. but I've used vol 2, 3, 4 in the context of using MFW curriculum. so I've never used them alone either....

I've seen typos. I haven't seen things that majorly contradict other resources we are using at the same time. My kids enjoy them. Nothing went again our religion (we use MFW so that's a hint)...

errors.... the publisher did their best to correct openly... here

so print those and correct as needed. I like that a publisher realizes things need review and are open about what needs to be fixed...

I guess it's all preference, isn't it?

re: SOTW ?

My older dc read them when they were jr high age. They all enjoyed them.

From what I can tell, it is volume 1 that people have the problem with. Even MFW uses the rest of the series and HOD uses volume 4. Sonlight uses all 4 volumes.

re: SOTW ?

Thanks to you ladies who shared your thoughts. I suppose it is preference but it is nice to hear others' experiences. They are being given to me, but still it is good to have a heads up from those who have used it.

Cbollin-it has been a while since I looked at MFW
so I did not realize that MFW uses them. Thanks for the link!

mm--that makes sense about vol1.

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re: re: SOTW ?

Same as Crystal.... used volumes 2-4 in context of biblical worldview with MFW TM and other resources. I actually *like* those three volumes (or maybe it's Marie's notes and the full biblical context that make me like them?), but I had issues with volume 1, which I've bought, considered, and promptly sold TWICE.

This year we're doing Creation to the Greeks and I borrowed volume 1 from a friend (I refuse to buy it again! LOL), who warned me that she didn't think I would like it. I'm borrowing it now only because I found a schedule somewhere lining up volume 1 with MFW CTG. (The schedule actually has you skipping some chapters of SOTW 1.) I have yet to crack it open, though, so I guess I'm still not real enthused about it. Plus, with getting Book Basket books from the library to "fill in" some of the non-biblical historical facts, I'm really not even *needing* SOTW 1.


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