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Has anyone used to prepare for CLEP tests?

What other sources prepared your kids well for these tests?

re:; CLEP Tests

we've only done college algebra clep test. passed with 62.
she did Saxon Alg 2, and the CLEP Professor prep on the DIVE cd for that Saxon book. took practice tests. (prior to Saxon Alg 2, she did Saxon Alg 1 and Jacob's geometry). She passed (most colleges that grant CLEP credit with c. algebra do so with 50 or higher).

I have several friends who did really well with using BJU US History and then the REA study guide for CLEP and pass. one of them thinks REA study guide are the way to self study for many of CLEP.

(edit to update: sniff.. education portal is no longer free.. went to a high price monthly service charge)

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re:; CLEP Tests

Our dd has taken 7 clep tests, passed all. We utilize 2 different websites for information. I don't remember the web address exactly but one is something like This is nice because it lists the level of difficulty and which tests correspond to others. It also has a variety of resources for each test and tells you which ones are most useful. This is especially helpful because we use REA books and some are more helpful than others. Another website we use which has lesson plans/resources is We don't always follow the plans to the letter but they are a nice resource. Our daughter has 4 or 5 more clep tests and 4 concurrent classes and she'll have her associate's degree when she finishes high school. Going this route has been a tremendous blessing for us.

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