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I keep landing at HOD

I keep landing at HOD

I did not think when I started out that I would consider Hod for upper levels but I really am liking it every time I just go there to look at books/book ideas. Ugghh.

I know my oldest does not "fit" it so well, but the next ds is not a textbooks history sort. When I think about just reading living books, I think about the fact that I do not have time to figure out what,how much,what activity,Kwim? And I want to have a paper trail

I like that the lessons are right there. It is a chunk of $, but I have several more to come behind. But then I am concerned like Susie in the other post about some selections...hmmmm

I just needed to get this out!

Eta: maybe I should ask how do you determine if this program is a good fit for you without actually buying it?

How/why did you come to HOD?

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re: I keep landing at HOD

Years ago I used aBeka. I knew after one year of that I had to find a different way to homeschool my youngest. Textbooks, workbooks, quizzes and tests just did not seem the best way to learn (or teach!).

I accidentally tried out a lit-based Christian curriculum , Ann Ward's Learning at Home, for Pre-K, and it worked; I loved teaching it. I followed it up with 2 years of Sonlight (P4/5 and K), all the time eying HOD.

HOD always keeps Christ at the center. The curriculum does not segregate Bible from other studies.

HOD, at least at the levels I have here, work at training the student's heart. It does not focus on missions but prepares the child's character.

HOD does not force world history at the early ages--keeping sensitive subjects to the bare minimum. There is no strong focus on Greek myths as in some other curricula.

HOD is literature based and history heavy, just like Sonlight; yet I don't find myself reading as I did with Sonlight.

HOD has some hands-on; and great for me, it does it with simple things around the house.

HOD has the best (IMO) of the types out there--it isn't ALL CM. It has many of the elements, but with textbook and classical thrown in where appropriate.

Besides having Christ at the center of the studies, what I like best is the layering of skills. The skills are purposely taught in a step-by-step manner (for us non-teacher moms).

HOD teaches the student to become gradually independent yet in the elementary years.

HOD feels "right" to me. :)

re: I keep landing at HOD

LOL! I just "landed" there again today too. I know it's so tempting, isn't it? But then, after I figured out the almost $1000 price tag for the newest program, I realized that I didn't need all of that, and that it'd probably be too much for us to actually implement anyways.

I DID end up buying this to use with our American History:

I like some of her book selections, but not all.
I don't need all of the other suggestions for LA and Bible (we've already done some of it).
I don't wish to weed through the appendix for what I DO want.
It looks quite time consuming for a history course, which is what I really want. ;-)...and expensive one at that!

I suppose if I only had one child to homeschool...

The trip was nice, but back to reality for me. She's got some great selections on there, which is what keeps drawing me over there, I think. I don't want the whole program. I can certainly see the temptation, though.

The thing is...I think *I* want to do the newest course...for me. LOL None of us really has the time to do all of that though, not with all of our other subjects and variety of interests. It's fun to window shop, though. ;-) ...And I use it for reference when I need a good history selection or two...not twenty.

Perhaps your circumstances are different than mine, though. Maybe God is pulling you in that direction? What helps me is to list out all of my selections for each of my kiddos, as I did in another thread here, and then imagine implementing it all in a day, with some working independently and some others needing my time and attention. For me, HOD just doesn't fit our lifestyle as a family whole.

re: I keep landing at HOD

I was you a couple of years ago. I had seen the lowest guides when my kids were just above those levels and didn't think much of them, but after doing textbook style and not feeling like I did much more than drill facts, I finally caved and bought Preparing for dd. School turned around in our house after that. We loved the books, loved the content, and it was actually sticking. I also loved how Christ, Christian character and Biblical worldview were not just added subjects but interwoven so naturally throughout. My oldest was a bit jealous at what his younger sister was doing and reading that he was sneaking her books to read himself. The next year I put him in his level and we have been hooked ever since. He is going to be doing Missions to Modern Marvels (newest guide coming out) this year as a freshmen and I am just so impressed with what he knows, how well he can articulate his thoughts when talking to adults (thanks to the narration skills in HOD) and his writing skills have just blossomed - also thanks to the natural writing instruction in HOD. He recently took a standardized test and did extremely well despite us having ditched the textbook style for this Charlotte Mason variation approach, so that took away my last trepidation.

As for the book selection, Child's History of the World is the only book in all of the guides that has the least bit of controversy, and even then, the program avoids those chapters so it is a non-issue. Every title and chapter are carefully selected so I am not having to pre-read everything. I found Sonlight's book list to not be that way. Even MFW book lists required advanced preview. But not the HOD books. I now read them so I can enjoy them with my kids and so we can talk about them for fun, but I am not needing to do the legwork of picking good books. That is done for me and worth the price of the curriculum.

I used to kick myself for not starting sooner with my son, but it was all God's timing, and he better appreciates this learning approach to school. What used to be a daily day-long fight to get work done, I am having to pry the books out of his hand so he doesn't just read the whole week's worth of assignment in one sitting! LOL! It has changed our school in a remarkable way. So, if you keep coming back to it, try it on for a bit. It might be a perfect fit.

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re: I keep landing at HOD

Here is what I have learned about HOD. You TRULY cannot know if/how it will fit a child/children until you actually USE it. I don't know why that is. Out of everything i've used over the years, it is the only curriculum I have found that to be the case.
It looks great. Some things about it may seem perfect. But for us, only using it truly revealed whether or not it would be a good fit.

We have been very eclectic for quite some time. In my eclectic book "gathering", 100% of the time I can pick up a book and after reading through a page or two, know immediately if it will fit my kids. The funny part is I'm always right.

So anyway, I hope this helps a little. Again, I don't know why you can't tell before-hand if HOD is a good choice. I've wondered why this is. I think maybe its because there are A LOT of aspects of the curriculum that you just don't get to "see" from the catalog, website, or even in the samples, and it's like those things don't "come out" until you actually use it. Does that make sense?

HOD would work fine for 2 of my kids, but is like a hot poker in the eye for my daughter (as elliemae put it :-) ).
And I have NO CLUE why that is....go figure....???? :)

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re: I keep landing at HOD

I don't really know much about HOD but I say: Go for it!!! If you keep being drawn to it, why not give it a shot???

re: I keep landing at HOD

Here is what I have learned about HOD. You TRULY cannot know if/how it will fit a child/children until you actually USE it. I don't know why that is. Out of everything i've used over the years, it is the only curriculum I have found that to be the case.
It looks great. Some things about it may seem perfect. But for us, only using it truly revealed whether or not it would be a good fit.

The pp has a good point; perhaps HOD currently has some sort of return policy/guarantee if you don't like what you see? (Similar to Sonlight?) Probably one of the reasons that I KNOW that HOD will be too much for me to implement successfully over here is b/c I DID use Bigger a few years ago...for about two months. I SOOO wanted to love it (In fact, I still find the marketing quite charming ;-P), but it was too taxing on me, not to mention time consuming and just not a good fit for our larger family vision. I suppose we could have stuck with it longer until we got to the levels where supposedly the kids are working independently more, but it's a big chunk of change to risk it after my experience with Bigger. :-/ I did end up getting some of the $ back in selling it. It's definitely got good resale value, if that helps. And again, I did like some of the book choices, which I ended up keeping in the home library. ;-)

Maybe you can pick up a package used? (except the new one, of course). That way if you find that it's not working for you, you can get most of your $ back by selling it. Or, even if you end up loving it, you can rest in knowing you got a bargain! :)

I know it's such a tough decision sometimes.

re: I keep landing at HOD

I say GO FOR IT!! But then again, I use HOD. Unlike Nancy, it works well for our large family. I do like the guides from Preparing on up the best. The notebooking pages, the books, and the growing independence factor are my favorite aspects. This year I will be combining my middle three--9th (with extensions) and 5th and 6th--in REV2REV and my 5/6 and 7/8 year olds (K and 2nd) in Beyond. My senior hasn't used HOD and I have a 3 year old. My oldest is graduated. I am really looking forward to next year, and after 13 years of homeschooling, that says something. My older two boys' high school was OK (eclectic, one year MFW, dual credits), but it was not a path I wanted to follow again. I do not enjoy standard textbooks for the most part. As an add-on, there are a few that are OK, but overall, I want my kids to learn with real books. We have enjoyed all of the HOD programs that are out, but we have not done REV2REV (on the shelf for this year) or the new program of course. We used Sonlight and MFW before landing at HOD.

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