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Crystal or other MFW users... question

Crystal or other MFW users... question

Can I skip ECC and go straight to creation to greeks without doing ECC. My son will be in 6th gr. and wondered if the ECC is REALLY necessary for an almost 12 yr old. Thanks in advance!


re: Crystal or other MFW users... question

I'm probably not the best one to answer, but for what it's worth here's my 2 pennies :-) We have skipped around because of our school situation. We have done MFWK, ECC, and Exp. to 1850, and next year we are backtracking to C to G! That being said, I would not recommend skipping to C to G because if you continue with MFW your schedule would look like this... 6th- c to g, 7th- rome to reformation, 8th- Exp. to 1850, and then 9th starts back in ancient history, so he would not get any modern history until senior high. Me personally, I would do ECC this year, skip c to g and rome to reformation and move directly into exp. to 1850 next year, that way he gets some modern history now, and then can be ready to dig into ancients in high school. But... that's me, I don't have a problem skipping around as evidenced by my record :0). Also, I know my son, he would hate to repeat time periods that close together. hth

re: Crystal or other MFW users... question

I'd call MFW and ask them their opinion. They are very helpful on the phone!

Personally, I'd skip ECC in your situation so he can get all of the history cycles done before High School. But I've only been at this home schooling thing for three years now and my kiddos are young, (6, 8, and 10) so I'm not expert.

Has he had any geography?

re: Crystal or other MFW users... question

for the little value it is worth...

No.. doing ECC is not required before starting CTG. My experiences tell me that I'm glad we did ECC at some point. My 10th grader this year told me she appreciated doing it in 7th grade because it made it so much easier to do maps later and know what she was looking for in high school stuff.

When you have 3 years before high school (6th, 7th and 8th), you got to look at big step back picture. Do you have younger children that it is important to you to do history chronologically? Is this the only child who will be in a "mfw 5 year cycle" program for those years?

Depending on the background of your family's history so far... it could even be a case of
and then AHL in ninth grade.

it could be

or several other options. If you've done a lot of geography, cultures, etc... take that into consideration.
If you have never done any modern history... 2 options?
or ecc, skip to EX1850... 1850MOD

Don't worry about it if you do CTG in 8th and then AHL in 9th. My oldest did that...
she experienced and it this is her take on that issue

also, in my opinion, if a student doesn't finish history cycle in jr. high, it is ok. Ways to handle that can be easy with "current events" and selections in reading time. In ideal setting, "reading" would be integrated.. but if you have "thematic reading time in book basket" and then "modern time frame historical fiction as language arts reading time.. it's ok,

all I mean is set some goals/ideals for what you want to cover by end of 8th grade... and if you stick with MFW for high school, plan to start in AHL....

I wish I had a good memory of what you have done and all of your family... but I just don't retain all of that anymore with a lot of questions and looking stuff up... sigh.........


re: Crystal or other MFW users... question

I have the same question. We just finished ECC with my 5th and 8th graders. Next year we will be doing CTG with the younger and AHL for 1st year high school for the older.

MFW recommended to NOT skip ECC. We have enjoyed this year and glad we did not skip it.

My dd will get all 4 high school years. But my DS will miss a year somewhere. We have done very little US history so I don't want to skip those two years. I was just reading posts on this topic and someone said that MFW said to skip RTR and NOT CTG as it provides a necessary foundation to future studies.

I was thinking to skip one of the high school years but others said that would be difficult because they build on each other.

I am going to talk with MFW about it. Right now I'm thinking I will try to get RTR in quickly and maybe school thru summer so we can do all of it. It looks so good I don't want to miss any!!

re: Crystal or other MFW users... question

"I was just reading posts on this topic and someone said that MFW said to skip RTR and NOT CTG as it provides a necessary foundation to future studies. "

I don't think so as a general statement.
It will vary depending on what the child has studied.
It may have been the context of the individual situation of the person who asked. But as a general statement... I'm not seeing that. I've done CTG twice (at both elementary and jr. high levels...) and enjoyed it...

in terms of start the family with ECC... I do think it's a great idea to do ECC at some point. But if someone just did another program of world geography... I wouldn't suggest getting bogged down like that. If they have only done map work along side other stuff... definitely want to do ECC at some point. My experience, having done the program twice now, is that ECC really does help set the stage and gives modern and current information about the world. I wouldn't leave it out.

Can one skip CTG? That is one of the paths that David Hazell wrote about once when a youngest in family child has done ECC in 6th and has 2 years to get done.. it can be skip CTG, do RTR, skip EX1850, and do 1850MOD. another path was do ECC, jump to year 4, year 5, then with any youngers, swing back to CTG... so... clearly David Hazell didn't think it was needed to do CTG right away in all cases right after ECC.

If I had the situation with 6th grader and no younger siblings, and had just completed ECC... I would look at what was covered in about 4th grade with this student to help determine. if you did a lot of ancient history already.... skip CTG, go to RTR and continue.

If you did a lot of early US history, consider
CTG, RTR, skip EX1850, do 1850MOD. In 1850MOD in the first six weeks, you'll have time to catch up/review on early US history with some optional, but assigned, reading.

This would leave you to do some state history on your own in any year or in summer or with friends.

I wish I could get back to sleep... hate it when I wake up this early.

re: Crystal or other MFW users... question


depending on big picture things..... in works in some families to skip EX1850. You wouldn't want to break the flow of history if you had younger children in the picture....

but if youngest in family has done some US history in about 4th grade-ish...and is hitting those jr. high's something to consider as you plan out the years. in year 5, 1850MOD, in the first few weeks, there is time for review of basics from US history. it's scheduled as optional reading from one of the package books. You've have to schedule state history at some point on your own in one of the years... light and independent fridays?

but if a family has younger sibs in the mix...
the 8th grader can do EX1850, and then in summer after 8th grade... read either SOTW on own, or get Children's Encyclopedia of American History and glean from it for pegs for modern history. That's the method I used as a student to learn just enough modern - looked through picture based encyclopedias in jr. high.

do current events each year... this will help too.

lots of good options for your family's individual situation. I do think doing ECC at some point is a good thing to do. 3 cycles of chronological history is a nice thing to shot for, but if you dont' complete it fully in jr. high, it's ok. There are ways to get just enough to give them something to hold them over.

It's your youngest.. so you might use these 3 years to "teach at the gaps"... if you've done a lot of ancient history, or OT studies... take that into consideration. If you've done nothing but modern, or got a lot of Rev. War..

sorry I wasn't able to give a "this is the best way", but I can't remember everything they have studied. If it's about staying thematically connected... just want to say that I was surprised to find out how well EX1850 with 7th grader, and WHL with 10th matched up in topics in 2nd semester. We had a lot of weeks where 10th grader was nearby while I was teaching 7th grader and they were studying same events. I wasn't even trying to make it happen.


re: Crystal or other MFW users... question

My son was 11/12 during our ECC year. It was a great year and he really enjoyed learning the geography and about the people and cultures. He loved the pre & post tests on filling in a blank map so he could see how much he had learned.

I think ECC is great from a spiritual perspective. It opens kids eyes beyond the needs outside our own front door. Sure my kids knew people didn't have clean water, but reading stories inspired them to raise money to build a well for people in those areas.

I had a "good" education, yet very little geography. Every time there was a war or disaster, I had to look at a map to see where it was! I think it's important for an educated person to have a grasp on where things are in the world.


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