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MFW vs Biblioplan? Why?

MFW vs Biblioplan? Why?

I have been looking closely at curriculum for this coming school year. I really want to simplify my days and still be able to cover Bible and history with both children.

MFW 2-8 appeals to me because We can do it together for a few years. It also integrates Bible and science , copywork, narration, art.

I am a little worried about the book basket(having too go to the library weeekly).

How do you the timeline in MFW? Does it include timeline book, pictures to stick on the book?

What about writing assignments are they integrated with the history or are only donw with writing strands?

How necessary is to start with ECC with MFW?

re: MFW vs Biblioplan? Why?

Bump! anyone?

re: MFW vs Biblioplan? Why?

I don't know how much help I will be because I have the same questions as you! We are going to be starting MFW ECC in the fall but I don't know about the history part since this year will be focused on geography. I can let you know about the writing part once I receive my books (they are in the mail now!). As far as the library part, I have read many people say that they do the library trip only about every 2-4 weeks and just get all the books they need them. That is what we will probably do since we have little ones who like to pull books off of the shelves:) But I will be watching your post to see how people reply to the Biblioplan question. That was my second choice for next year but I got a good deal on ECC so I went with that instead. I will have to see if we really complete all of the "extras" they have in the lesson plans. When we used HOD I felt like we were skipping more than we were doing because of having little ones in the house! Sorry I couldn't be more help!

re: MFW vs Biblioplan? Why?

Choices, Choices, Love them and hate them. Lol

I was also planning in ordering ECC and starting this summer and see how it goes. I have read good reviews. Also Biblioplan looks great with all inclusive such as the companion and timeline with figures ready to go.

We also need a Geography focus real bad in our home. Oh well, we will how it all turns out!

Please Post when you can to give a little bit more detail on the kind of writing assignments, timelines, notebooking.

Thanks for responding.

re: MFW vs Biblioplan? Why?

"I am a little worried about the book basket(having too go to the library weeekly)."
You don't have to go weekly, depending on your library's checkout times and how long it takes to get books in. With our library, we have a full month for checkouts, with renewals up to two times if no one else has put the book on hold. (So we can keep a book or video for potentially up to three months!) Also, I can sit down at the computer with the manual and order the books (or videos) ahead of time. I get an email notice when they're ready to be picked up, and I have 10 days to pick them up before they're returned to the shelf, so I coordinate my library trips with other errands.

If your library doesn't have that great of a system, you might opt instead to buy some of the titles on the booklist to keep in your home library. Marie has asterisked those titles which she recommends for purchase if you fall into this category. Some folks like to buy books from Sonlight or HOD to use along with MFW in lieu of using Book Basket.

"How do you the timeline in MFW? Does it include timeline book, pictures to stick on the book?"
The student page sets come with all the timeline pieces you need, and there are instructions in the manual for how to make your own timeline. But you can purchase a timeline book to use instead, or download one from the internet or however you want to do it. Sonlight sells a nice "Book of Time", and there are at least three or four other curriculum websites I can think of offhand that offer a cheaper download version.

MFW does include their own timeline book in the packages from 1850-Modern through high school.

"What about writing assignments are they integrated with the history or are only donw with writing strands?"
Composition in MFW is done primarily using Charlotte Mason methods, so that involves copywork, oral and written narrations, and dictation, plus notebooking. Then you add your own (separate) composition curriculum at around 4th grade. They recommend and sell Writing Strands, which is scheduled on the weekly grid, but you could use whatever you want.

However, copywork, narration, dictation, and notebooking assignments continue throughout the curriculum, even after you begin using a separate "composition curriculum".

In, I think it's 1850-Modern, the student does outlining.... but this would have been introduced long before you get to that year if you use Writing Strands all along, and if you use their recommended language arts books -- Primary Language Lessons and Intermediate Language Lessons. Those books both include composition assignments, as well.

Research assignments are sprinkled throughout the MFW curriculum, too.

Here's what they say are the minimum requirements for language arts skills prior to high school (if you go on to use MFW in high school):

"Our high school curriculum covers all needed language arts; no other supplementation is required. However, if an incoming student has not had formal grammar instruction, he should complete Applications of Grammar. If a student is weak in composition skills, he should complete Writing Strands Level 4."

"How necessary is to start with ECC with MFW? "
Not necessary, but very helpful. How old are your kids? Have they done world geography or very much mapwork in the past? Have they had any introduction to the idea of world missions, Bible translation, and other people groups around the world? Do they know anything about what other religions believe and why we need to be praying for them?

So it depends.

And I don't really know anything about Biblioplan, so I can't help you there.

re: MFW vs Biblioplan? Why?

How necessary is to start with ECC with MFW?

I' m probably repeating what Kayrenne said....

*haven't used biblioplan. If you go with them, you will still need to buy or borrow or use other books.
with MFW you don't have to go every week. I do, but I live within 3 miles of my library and go past it every day. I use to do it about every 3 weeks. get online catalog... ask them to pull and hold... go get it in a few days. The staff at MFW have to drive about an hour to get to a good library....

other people budget and buy. A few days ago on MFW board, one person posted her budget and how it worked out. She has no library options.

so don't let the idea of book basket be in the way.. with both of these programs, you need to buy or get other stuff.

Timeline: in ECC, there's isn't time line. it's geography. In other years, MFW provides pieces.... You can do it in any way that works for you... in 1850MOD, there are so many pieces that MFW gives you a book. you cut and paste them for that year. at the beginning of the book, they also pre print all of the timeline pieces from previous years. cool.....

high school timeline: uses Homeschool in Woods and book for AHL and WHL... then inUS1 and US2 - it's a little different. Instead of overload with tons of pictures, they make a timeline notebook with dates and key events. My oldest is looking forward to a change.... must be the age or something....

oh... my 2nd time through the cycle with MFW and timeline? here, take a look you have to use the scroll bar on the post

Writing assignments: both. you have related notebooking (free style writing related to history), some years have longer reports (for older students), various other unit study writing... and then you have formal writing lessons in Writing Strands and other language arts. So it's both. and you can use whatever you prefer for language arts. best of both approaches.

Do you "have" to start with ECC? No. But I hope that at some point you get to do the program. I've done it twice now and I like it. There's something nice about a year of geography, current event and culture.... geography is a lot more than map work. boring. LOL.... I like maps... but you know what I mean? ECC helped me as well as the rest of the family to be able to picture ourselves in other places and get a taste of it all. And then we could picture a little bit better when we were reading history.


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