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Visions in Education Curriculum in N. California

Visions in Education Curriculum in N. California

Hey Guys - I am considering homeschooling as I move (in 2 weeks) from TN to CA. My girls are in the 3 and 1 grades. A friend in Sacramento, where we are moving, uses Visions in Education which is used in the 9 counties in and around Sacramento. If anyone has some experience with this curriculum (and homeschooling), I would be so grateful.

re: Visions in Education Curriculum in N. California

Visions in Education is not a "curriculum." It is a government-funded charter school. Children enrolled in it are legally not homeschooled; they are public school students.

I never recommend government-funded charter schools. If you have questions about homeschooling in California, which is one of the easiest states, I can make suggestions.

re: Visions in Education Curriculum in N. California

Hello, and welcome (in advance) to California! It's been very sunny here since December, but we should be getting some much needed rain by the time you arrive.

Visions In Education is a tuition-free, standards-based public charter school which has two primary academies--a 9-12 Independent Study High School and a K-12 Home School Academy.

You would be enrolling your girls into our Home School Academy, where parents are the primary teachers for their students. You would have a credentialed teacher work with you and help you to set up your curriculum and your girls' individualized programs.

Visions does have recommended curriculum, which you can review and choose, or if you prefer you may select the curriculum for your girls with the help of the teacher.

If you would like to learn more about the program, Visions would be happy to assist you. Please call 916.971.7265 to receive more information about enrolling.

Best of luck to you with your move to the west coast.

re: Visions in Education Curriculum in N. California

As I said, it's a government-funded public school, even though the "campus" is in your home. You must follow public school requirements. It is technically and legally not homeschooling.

There is vast support for homeschoolers in the Sacramento area. You can do an Internet search for Scope, which is the county-wide support group for Sacramento; Scope has park days, field trips, graduation ceremonies, a newsletter and more for private homeschoolers.

re: Visions in Education Curriculum in N. California


We moved to the Sacramento area from TN. 2 years ago. We are actually only going to be here 3 more week then we are moving to Los Angeles area.
Sacramento has been a great place to homeschool. There is so much support, activities, etc. available. As, Ellimaejune stated, check out SCOPE. We joined Scope soon after we moved here and it has been a blessing to us. We have really enjoyed it and met some really nice home school families. We will miss it! I am not sure about Visions. If you want to go the charter school route there are two others you might want to check into, Horizons and South Sutter. I have heard that South Sutter is the best for elementary ages. Its in Placer county, which is where we live. I am not sure if it covers Sacramento county or not?? I checked into them when we first moved here out of curiosity. Being from TN. I wasn't sure what a charter school was. I decided to go the independant route and joined in with SCOPE and it has been wonderful! Let me know if you need any info. on the area. I haven't been here that long, but I might can help!
Welcome to California!

re: Visions in Education Curriculum in N. California

Hello and welcome to California! California is a pretty easy state to homeschool in, so no worries there.

In CA, if you want to do "independent" homeschooling, you must file with the state.. basically you are saying you are your own private school, with you as the teacher, and your children as the students. Due by Oct. 15th. HSLDA can link you to the website for the required filings.

If you go the charter route, there is no need to file the form.

We did independent homeschooling for 5 years, and for the last 2 we have used a charter like the one described in Sacramento (however we live in another part of the state). Either way is fine, just a matter of taste. If you want to take advantage of some of the enrichment classes, field trips, etc. testing services, then a charter is a nice option. (I figure I should get something for my tax I still use all the same curriculum I used prior to the charter, and change curriculum at will without any problems.

However, you may have some of these options with a good homeschool group as well.

I really don't see the problem with using government run services that my tax dollar pays for, as long as I am still doing what I would be doing anyway. I know others on the board are vehemently anti - government involvement, and that is their choice. Regardless, you still have to file in the state, so the government is involved no matter how you homeschool here.

Good luck with your move!


re: Visions in Education Curriculum in N. California

If you file a private school affidavit you aren't accountable to the state for the number of hours or days you teach, no requirements for end-of-year testing, complete freedom to choose the instructional materials and methods that work for you, freedom to change everything any time you want, go to Disneyland in the middle of the week in April because you all have cabin fever and you don't have to notify anyone or get permission or make up work or nothin'. And the state doesn't know your dc's name in conjunction with the school. You're also not required to follow the new state law requiring children to be taught politcally correct, same-s@x stuff.


re: Visions in Education Curriculum in N. California

First off, we do not use Visions. That said, we have some very close friends who do and I have had many conversations about it so I know a little about it.

1. From what I was told, the teacher will meet with the child every so often. I have heard two different views on this actually... One saying a teacher just collects paperwork and another says the teacher comes and hangs out with the child and actually asks the child questions about what they are learning so it seems it depends on the teacher you get.

2. The parent needs to come up with a plan at the beginning of the quarter (I believe it's the quarter..could be semester). This will be a plan of what you plan on teaching your child that quarter or semester.

3. You are not allowed to use your funds to buy Christian based materials...not sure if that matters to you.

4. Must turn in samples of work.

5. Visions gives you an outline of what the kids must study during a given year. For example...a 4th grader must cover certain areas of science...and they are very specific as to what they are. When I spoke with one friend, they had told me their son had to cover certain science topics. These would span across different areas of science so don't assume you will be able to study human anatomy in detail one year unless you plan on doing more than one science.

6. Required testing at the end of the year.

Now, I don't think it's bad in any way. Just not what I would want. There are some good factors such as they have classes they offer, do field trips, and have graduation ceremonies and award ceremonies. These are all very nice.




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