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Notgrass Exploring World History??

Notgrass Exploring World History??

What are your thoughts on this? Trying to think ahead for dd for next year for 9th grade.. It says it is enough to supply a credit in history, literature, and Bible. What do you think?

re: Notgrass Exploring World History??

I do not think that I would be comfortable calling it 3 full credits. I have no problem saying it is history credit.

I have no problem saying "nice literature list". I have no problem saying "list is there for answering some essay topics in history. but I count that as part of history assignments." I'm not seeing other kinds of writing assignments or other "English" things.
The "grammar review" feels very lacking in my opinion - almost like it is tagged on there or something. I can't explain it that well.
My umbrella school wants to see literature analysis. So that has to be added to really call it a credit in English.
So, I do have a problem saying full English credit. (mileage may vary and others don't have those same hurdles that I do.)

I am thankful that I am using Notgrass in the context of MFW's AHL and WHL program so those things are added in.

and well, uhm.. maybe the Bible credit is fine. Again, I'm thankful that MFW has a Bible reading schedule. I like and truly appreciate the Christian and Biblical points of view in Notgrass with history, but I just like how the MFW program does more so I feel like a full credit is there for Bible as a class to list on transcript. Notgrass doesn't provide a daily Bible reading schedule. There is a "tagged on Bible thinking question" at each of chapter which takes about 2 minutes maybe. Then, I think it's every 5th chapter is a Bible lesson topic. I just have a hard time seeing it as a full year 2 classes of Bible and History vs. 1 class of Biblical perspective with History.

maybe I have too high of standard and more rigour than I realize, or my child just works too fast and gets it. I'm glad to be using it in the context of mfw's lesson plans so that all of the problems I have with the book are not there.

I don't want to sound like I don't like EWH for history. It's just that I'm in the camp that struggles calling it 3 complete credits based on what I have to do with my umbrella school.


re: Notgrass Exploring World History??

Thanks Crystal for giving me an honest answer. I like Notgrass's products but I need to make sure my dd is meeting all of the requirements for high school. I am a little nervous about this high school thing. This will be my first child entering high school, so I want to be sure I am covering all of my bases. It seems overwhelming!

re: Notgrass Exploring World History??

My son is loving EWH. Loving it. I think it is worthy of 3 credits if done as Mr. Notgrass suggests. I think it's weak on grammar because Mr. N is assuming that it's been covered by 9th grade. One does not need grammar every.single.year. Ruth Beechick recommends that all one needs for highschool is a quality grammar handbook. I believe she recommends a solid year of grammar in jr. high (maybe ninth grade?). If you feel your student needs grammar, then add grammar.

Did I mention that my son is loving EWH?


Notgrass requires a lot of Bible reading & literature. He also requires a paper every week. I think this makes it rigorous! It lends itself well to those who prefer a more relaxed learning style - such as Charlotte Mason or Ruth Beechick. Relaxed does not mean it is lacking. If one needs more guidance to help them think analytically (or to prove that they are - like when using an umbrella school) then this may not be the right pick.

My son just completed a Brit. Lit. class with other homeschoolers. His instructor commented that he has a great analytical mind. All we've ever done with him is have him read, read, read, with a smattering of narrations.

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re: Notgrass Exploring World History??

"This will be my first child entering high school, so I want to be sure I am covering all of my bases. It seems overwhelming!"

you'll be fine. Pick a publisher that meets your preferences in style and all of that and just do it as written. don't worry about what others do.

to further explain on grammar: in our jr. high, we did applications of grammar. MFW is very "ruth b" in grammar philosophy just like cozyfamily is saying. So, grammar in high school can be just look up and use as needed. MFW keeps that going with the SMARR guides. I just prefer the in context of editing a paper approach instead of the end of chapter in notgrass approach.

Notgrass includes a touch of questions for the books they recommend. For example, they recommend Pilgrim's Progress (part one). There are only 10 questions for the whole book. I guess depending on how one approaches it, that might be plenty. But the modern translation of Pilgrim's Progress that we have includes 10 questions per chapter. I know when I was in high school, if I just read a book, I forgot it all. and that's what their approach feels like to me. mileage will vary.

There is no writing instruction -- so you need to make sure you get a writer's handbook. Pick your favorite. Just because you covered it in jr. high doesn't mean they are experts yet. so definitely get some kind of writer's handbook.

re: Notgrass Exploring World History??

I was thinking about continuing on in IEW to do the Student Continuation Course B, but do not know if that would be too much with all that is required in MFW ancients. I would be using that this year, but right now, $ is tight and we cannot afford it until our tax refund comes back.

re: Notgrass Exploring World History??

"I was thinking about continuing on in IEW to do the Student Continuation Course B, but do not know if that would be too much with all that is required in MFW ancients. I would be using that this year, but right now, $ is tight and we cannot afford it until our tax refund comes back."

If you just did IEW and Notgrass, you would have a very rich academic year. (I dont' mean rich in terms of prices.. I mean you'd have good stuff!) You'd still need some library books to do Notgrass reading.

You might consider an occasional spark notes/or other guide in there for a few books. Many libraries have those. but only if you feel that more lit. analysis is needed. I'll admit that I could be missing it, but I don't remember a summary sheet for novel reading in Notgrass. I know there's one in an SAT prep book I"m using. Even if all you did was to write a summary of the book with themes, characters, etc. Something so that it doesn't go in one ear and out the other like was the case for me in "honors and AP" english in public high school.

If you want more "daily" Bible reading than Notgrass does, there are online schedules and such. But even if you didn't do that, it would be a good year. Here is one possible chronological Bible in a year. You might have to adapt for academic year. and don't worry if it doesn't 100% line up with Notgrass

again... there might be plenty in there already for your needs.

on the other hand, if you do MFW's program, you will not need to also do IEW for writing.

both are good paths to consider.

re: Notgrass Exploring World History??

We are now about 15 or 16 wks into MFW AHL and I am going to have to get something to supplement my son's writing. I love MFW for the Bible is great, but I really feel the program is light for my son - probably NOT for my other two, but for this kid. So...I do think it depends on the child also and must be taken into consideration. He has done CLE LA, Reading and Meaningful Composition for years before it is definitely much, much lighter for him in the English dept. Also, I was just asking him about the history component and that is very light so far, but it's ancients so, obviously, it's almost all Bible. Again, very happy with that. However, I am just feeling that it was a lot of $$ to spend for 3 credits and it's just not enough for him - writing or grammar or whatever. He is also working through 4 Lightunit's from English 1 - CLE, so that definitely helps. He's just a really smart kid and works quickly. He's been getting his MFW work done in like an hour and half for a few weeks now. I need to beef it up!!

Just another perspective. The Notgrass alone sounds like more work, honestly...and reminds me that I need to just assign him extra papers here and there - for research practice and writing.


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